Saturday, November 28, 2015

No End to Thankfulness

I believe there's only two courses in life.  One is a path
This path is God created for us.  The other is a highway many use that leads to destruction.  The countryside on the path we've chosen is sometimes beautiful

Sometimes season's end surrounds us on our path
The scenery isn't as important as the route.  Not all fruit on this trail is safe to indulge in
Some fruit is beautiful and enjoyable
Not all places are best to inhabit though they may look inviting
Our dwelling is on the road though difficulties may make us want to stop
Take heed of the flower's lesson
Though it is here today and gone tomorrow it makes the most of today glorying in the Creator's blessing.  Most true joy in life is child-like
Complexity seldom has such joy and beauty
Thank God for today's simple joy
It's custom made for you
Today is God's gift...contemplate that
If today feels like fertilizer remember today's fertilizer brings tomorrow's bloom


  1. Beautiful, Joe, and I love, love, love your snowy background! I love the winter! :) Chilly weather, snow, fresh air, warm clothes and coming home and making a nice homemade roast or chicken soup and a nice hot chocolate in the evening! :)

    1. Glad you like it my friend. I'm not a big winter fan myself mostly because winter here is often bitter and makes roads treacherous. It has a beauty all it's own however I wish it would end in December right after Christmas😉

  2. Joe, I think you hit it perfectly square on the nailhead. EVERY word and thought is true, all the way through. Beautifully written and a testimony to the Truth of God and His creation for us..His children. I have a simple child's faith in that Love and care.

    1. Men fail, women fail, young and old fail...God never fails and neither does His word...thank God for that absolute.

  3. Loved the testimony Joe.. I sure know that God puts us where he wants us to be and I follow him and know I will be fine as he makes no mistakes. Take care and stay well.

    1. The light at the end of our tunnel isn't always a freight train coming our way :)