Thursday, September 24, 2015

Through the Smoke and Fire

There's life after smoke but for a while there it didn't seem like it
Everything was seen through a thick haze
It kind of looked apocalyptic
or like when Mt. Saint Helens blew its lid when I was young
The ash arrived in our state a day later and it looked sort of like this
Fortunately the smoke didn't bother my eyes or lungs as it did some
Now we appreciate wind blowing it all away
It's a brighter day now
But many days of smoke are still in our memoriess

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Zoo Montana (Again)

Yes, a return visit was in order
The inside portion has several stuffed animals...some more creepy than others
Outside it's pretty with many local plants
There are also relics of the past
Even a couple of draft horses
Some old brands
Just look at this turkey
This rabbit was being lazy in the heat
Feeding the animals is always fun
Gabby especially enjoys it
The fish were plenty fat
Old far equipment graces this area
I like this old stuff
It all speaks of an ear gone by yet not forgotten yet
Gabby had to give it a try
Have a seat and get hot cross buns
The Red Pandas were actually awake
Remember this now
Looking for a hand out
An American classic
Here's looking at you kid

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The End of an Era

Yes, this is the end of my Meyer Creek cabin pictures this year.  It's a peaceful end
I've learned to appreciate what I've got since it's not always there tomorrow
Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder
But if you see only the negative even beautiful things can lose their luster

Arrogance and presumption isn't pretty
Humility is a wonderful lens in which to view life
Or last days gave us a visitor or two
They were cautious yet comical
The leader checked us out then the others proceeded to take a dust bath in the road ahead of us
So amusing to watch
The sun sets on this year's trip but the sun still rises on the blessing of God today

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Sometimes to see what God has for you there must be a departure from where you're at.  Phrases like "leap of faith" or "leaving your comfort zone" come to mind but frankly I find those phrases annoying.  Faith is a step into the unknown however you phrase it.  We left our comfy cabin to travel down the road further
I'm always glad for 4 wheel drive on this road
We usually travel here as dusk falls to avoid some of the day's heat
I love the light and lengthening shadows
Trees seem taller
The forest more intimidating during this time of day
Variations of color capture my eye quicker
Some leaves appear to herald fall's approach
But the fading sun still whispers summer
The wildflowers are still in their hayday
They care nothing of impending seasonal change
These Blue Bells relish their moment
This is beyond man's worry and concern
Here is an place not carrying where the road ends....this is simply beyond where little girls enjoy the end of another summer day