Thursday, November 19, 2015

Last Gasps of Fall?

Terrible wind brought much cooler temperatures and the promise of snow.  Hard to believe it was so much warmer not long ago
Now it's anything but pretty with most leaves gone, dead grass and chilly temperatures.  Quite the contrast from just a few days ago
There's  a fish filled pond in our zoo
I don't believe in wishing ponds but I wish I was there on a nicer day now
My flash failed to fire when I took this...reminds me of "Water Ship Down"
I've picked up leaves several times...I won't miss that job
Our ditch is now drained...I miss it
This is Montana beyond the fence post
We likely won't walk this path until next year
Only dry leaves sit on this bench now
Soon all will be white and snow covered...the leaves reign is ending


  1. this year Fall had no gaps ..... usually we have snow in Sept. it waited till Nov. this year..... then I enjoy winter and the wonderland it makes.

    1. I am glad snow has held off for us though frankly I'd be fine to only see winter wonderland in pictures.

  2. Beautiful, Joe! I love koi! And the rabbit also reminds me of Watership Down. :)

    1. Thank you Linda. The animated version of Watership Down kinda scared me as a kid.