Thursday, August 27, 2015

Snakes in the Grass

Garter snakes love the Meyer Creek area
I don't blame them, we love it too
We've walked this road many times yet I never tire of it
Watching Mike and Gabby walk ahead of me makes me feel this is prophetic somehow
The road is surrounded by country that speaks Montana with every breath
These are fair weather roads often scarred and rutted
Sometimes farmers use them but mostly it's untraveled and quiet
So...where are the snakes?
We found several actually
I've trained my kids which are harmless and which aren't...I'm glad they're not afraid to handle them
These Garter Snakes are mostly small
They are docile too
I think they're fascinating
We let them go near the creek and watch the sun begin to set
It's been a good day

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Thorny Proposition in Green Acres

Green valleys appear so peaceful
But I notice the growing things are tough
These things thrive because they can take diverse conditions
It can be very wet or very dry
Roads here often bear scars of passing off road vehicles
Who would consider green acres crucibles of affliction?
Pass here warily
For the first appearance may be deceiving
There's thorns among us
Follow the road though it curve and twist
Not all blossoms are friendly
In fact they can piece the skin when the unwise come in close
Yes other passed this way
But who knows their story?  What lessons can these markers give?
Temporary peace attached to circumstance is fleeting
Cling to the path near still waters for they lead to a deeper peace only God can give.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Leaf Clover

There's a song by Metallica called No Leaf Clover.  It's a very cynical song saying that the light at the end of your tunnel is only a freight train coming your way.  I don't think things are really that bad but glib memes when you're struggling can certainly be more annoying than helpful.  Faith to me is more than positive's essential to life.  Peace that God offers all too often passes understanding...we can have circumstances not conducive to peace but His peace surpasses circumstance.  Peace is like a mountain blossom in a sea of green grass
It's a bit of color in an unexpected place
It's plain to some...beautiful to me
God's peace is a precious thing
It's to be cherished
I found peace on the well named Stillwater area
Here silence is truly golden
The only sounds are wind and babbling brooks and wildlife
The mountains silent majesty testify of God
These lonely roads beckon
Will you notice the small treasures?
Or will life's troubles block your view?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sunsets Before Sunrises

There's an order to life...a supernatural order that we often neglect to see because of familiarity perhaps.  I used to quietly despise such says as:  "It's always darkest before the dawn"  but lately it seems fitting
There's magic in dusks
Broad daylight never holds this mystery for me
There's seldom fear of natural darkness for me
Life's real costs hold far more challenges for me
There's times to find refuge outside of what we know and see every day
The next few blogs will give you a glimpse into our place like that where we go every year
This is where I often find the dawns I seek