Thursday, September 25, 2014

Early Fall Sunsets

There have been some beautiful ones latelyDSC03509.  Some involve mostly  the skyDSC03511and silhouettes that grab meDSC03512 .  Others have all around lighting that gives everything a fairytale lookDSC03513.  Those are the ones I like bestDSC03514.  Going out recently I was stunned by this viewDSC03515.  Totally amazingDSC03516and a complete surprise…there’d been no rainDSC03517yet still God’s promise was clearDSC03518.  All sides were wonderful to seeDSC03519.  These moments take my breath awayDSC03520.  Gold  is everywhereDSC03521.  These skies haunt me in the best wayDSC03522.  God’s paintbrush is active tonightDSC03523.   What a panoramaDSC03524.  The Big Sky country for sure!  Fall has had a good startDSC03526!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Leaf It Alone

It’s been cool then hot all over again.  Season’s change is still rather subtle outside of it getting dark quicker and being cooler at night.  Today is very overcast yet it’s fairly warm2014-09-18 10.14.23.  I like the sound of low breezes blowing through the trees2014-09-18 10.15.52.  Sal couldn’t care less if he’s had his morning crickets (which he did)2014-09-18 10.16.43.  I decided to check the leaves to see if they’re changing yet2014-09-18 10.17.50.  Change is subtle but visible2014-09-18 10.19.26.  The grey light filtering through the clouds makes it seem later than it is2014-09-18 10.19.50but I like the lighting for pictures2014-09-18 10.20.09.  Now fall is a glimmer but all too soon it will be much more obvious2014-09-18 10.20.36.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fall’s Approach

Fall is really in the air.  After several cool and rainy days it’s only 34 this morning.  I’m doing my best to adjust my attitude over it all.  There’s no point in being depressed over it besides nature seems fine with itDSC03477.  There’s been some spectacular sunsetsDSC03478.  I consider these cotton candy skiesDSC03479.  The color creates a magical atmosphere…even viewing it from on the groundDSC03480.  Sometimes you don’t have to be in the mountains to view such splendorDSC03481.  I’m never sad to go out and watch as sunsets like this unfoldDSC03482.  I’m not so much a morning person but on occasion I greet the dawnDSC03483.  I always see God’s design hereDSC03484.  There is hope and promise hereDSC03485.  Now summer’s fun is a memoryDSC03487.  The fair came and wentDSC03489.  The food we indulged all gone nowDSC03490.  It’s a sweet collage in the mind nowDSC03491.  Family and friends locked in memories we’ll not forget.  Now we look forward with hopeDSC03493and I know God is with us, we’re not aloneDSC03494.  Though I know my backyard view will soon be whiteDSC03495it’s not there yetDSC03496.  Our local lake is not yet frozenDSC03497and the bugs not yet sleepingDSC03498.  Let’s appreciate the joys of the seasonDSC03499not begrudging its changeDSC03500.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


This is actually hard for me.  I’m about to finish this year’s cabin pictures.  School has started, fall is totally in the air here and there’s already talk of it being the worst winter in over 20 years.  Last year’s winter was really horrible.  Not only was it below zero a lot but the snow made life very difficult in fact my wife had a serious accident because of it.  This August has been below average in temperatures which leaves me thinking the dire prediction may be true however if I’ve learned anything in Montana about weather it’s that you never can tell what’s next.  Well, onward and upward…we’re not afraid of evil tidings, our hearts are fixed trusting in the Lord! 


We had a committee to wish us a farewell this yearDSC03471.  This doe had twins that we’d seen in the distance but this time they got closeDSC03472.  Talk about a treat to witnessDSC03475!  I am not a fan of goodbyes however…this crew made it sweet.  Packing up and getting in the car made the sadness return but looking back I realize the memories will come home with meDSC03476.