Thursday, June 26, 2014


Today we had another bird drama.  A little blackbird has been learning the…ropes…feathers?  During the process of getting a flying license a small blackbird has been fluttering around our house.  The community of blackbirds has croaked their encouragement and fed this little pilot.  Today he ended up in the deep window well by our room so a rescue was required.  I put on some gloves and got him out of their will the blackbird community scolded me.  I get a kick out of them actually.  They do their best to take care of their own. 

Earlier this week something much less dramatic unfolded.  We went to visit our zoo.  They got some new tigers and the weather was perfect.  First far less exotic animals came to our attention2014-06-20 14.05.07.  The rabbits weren’t especially motivated…it was a hot day2014-06-20 14.05.18.  I figure if I were a rabbit I’d do the same thing2014-06-20 14.06.01.  The goats were a lot more entertaining2014-06-20 14.10.47.  A little feed and they’d let you pet them2014-06-20 14.11.10.  Next some goofing around before marching on down the trail2014-06-20 14.12.30…note it’s my Mom on the left…Gabby in the middle and our friend Olivia on the right.  The pond was looking beautiful with it’s lilies2014-06-20 14.14.24.  The flowers were nice in general2014-06-20 14.15.20.  Blazes of color here and there brightened our walk2014-06-20 14.16.02.  Yellow was quite prevalent2014-06-20 14.16.39…and here too2014-06-20 14.19.21.  I guess I’m glad I’ve never had much issue with allergies2014-06-20 14.19.45.  Really it’s a delightful walk2014-06-20 14.22.29.  The lazy steam adds to the peaceful mood2014-06-20 14.23.36.  This chair is so inviting2014-06-20 14.25.35…so very inviting2014-06-20 14.25.43…my daughter Danielle found out why no one was sitting there….hot, hot hot!  Next came the wolves2014-06-20 14.26.11and the bears oh my2014-06-20 14.53.00.  Now the impressive Geese2014-06-20 15.06.30and this quite entertaining Beaver2014-06-20 15.08.03.  He was happily gnawing on a protective wall of his domain2014-06-20 15.09.25.  The tiger was viewable but no good picture could be had so we moved on to the Bald Eagle exhibit2014-06-20 15.15.17.  

Leaving the zoo and coming home had some picture taking opportunities all its own2014-06-23 13.10.35.  Sometimes sun, sometimes cloudy2014-06-23 13.11.02.  The field behind our yard is thriving in the cool, wet weather2014-06-24 11.55.16.  Even the simple wild growth is beautiful to me2014-06-24 11.56.09.  My favorite backyard pond looks great2014-06-24 11.58.03.  New Cat Tails are growing2014-06-24 11.58.35.  The wild grass is so green and feathery2014-06-24 11.59.28.  Blooms are everywhere to be seen2014-06-24 12.00.20.  Lot’s of blooms coming in2014-06-24 12.00.43.  Small wonder the frogs thrive here2014-06-24 12.01.03.  There’s plenty of water and plants to hide behind2014-06-24 12.01.46.  Nothing beats watching the wind move this grass like a giant green sea2014-06-24 12.03.31.  Our wheat crops aren’t doing so well but the wild plants find a way to thrive2014-06-24 12.04.25.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baby Blue

It's been all about greens and grays lately.  We recently attended a wedding and we wondered if there would be any sun at all.  We arrived to rain but just in time it broke
My wife and others far more talented than I were taking photos but I did take this one I like of the brides brother and her son

Today we got a rare glimmer of hope!  The gray is seldom broken at all but when it is I don't think I've ever seen it broken by a large morning rainbow
Usually the clouds are occasionally broken by baby blue patches here and there
It's been cold fact I here it snowed again at high  I'd rather have gray skies and green grass
The pond behind our house is frog heaven...more on that later
For now it's like God's eye is peering through the clouds

The better weather is finally shedding the cold and gloom like Superman shedding his civilian clothes
and boy am I thankful!  I'll end this with two videos.  The first is a young Robin greeting me in the morningand remember our frog heaven?  You've got to hear it!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Into Every Life…

…a little rain must fall, isn’t that what they say?  Such has been the case here.  Just when we warmed up some it cooled down and sporadic rain followedDSC03335.  None the less with the rainfall has come tremendous green countryside and sunsets that look to be out of a paintingDSC03336.  The watercolor effect really appeals to meDSC03337.  Just as I was enjoying the scene in front of me I turned around to observe the moon framed by our neighbor’s treesDSC03338.  The days yield mixed results…both blue and grayDSC03340.  Perhaps this is yet another opportunity to see the glass as half empty or half full.  I choose the eyes of faith…I’m getting the best of both worldsDSC03342!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Times Like This…

I love spring mornings so muchDSC03324.  There’s been many strong storms latelyDSC03325but for now the sun reigns supremeDSC03326.  I love storms but after a few days of it the sun looks (and feels) so good.  The gentle patterns of sunlight through the leaves fills me with a welcome sense of peaceDSC03328.  The sun shining brightly in a Montana sapphire sky is a jewel set in an unmatchable crownDSC03330.  The nearby irrigation ditch marches on lazilyDSC03331.  Life has a pulse I can almost feel in these leafy veinsDSC03332.  Robins are frequent visitors…this young one was very close chirping at me curiouslyDSC03333.  I can’t say it enough:  I love this time of year!