Thursday, October 31, 2013

Freezing Fog

That’s just what we had…cold but amazingly beautiful.  Inside we tried our hand at freestyle pumpkin carving with varied resultsDSC02854.  I let the kids go at it…each to their own pumpkinDSC02855.  On the bright side when the lights are out and the candles are lit they all look pretty goodDSC02856.  Ever want to see the world through the eyes of a jack ‘o lantern?  Well now you canDSC02857.  The life of a pumpkin…while fascinating just couldn’t keep me from the frosted world for a cup of frosted tea or coffeeDSC02858?  The remaining leaves seem stunnedDSC02859.  The ice looks like it’s been touched by Jack Frost himselfDSC02860.  The grass seems stunned by this turn of frosty events…should it be green, brown or just snow coveredDSC02861?  I think the trees got the best coverage by the frosty artist’s touchDSC02862.  The sun was working to melt off the frost making interesting crackling sounds everywhereDSC02863.  Perhaps the leaves needed a shave anywayDSC02864.  The snow still looked like powdered diamondsDSC02865.  I quickly snapped up my pictures before the sun took away this momentDSC02866.  Many spray their trees with chemical flocking but have you seen the real dealDSC02867?  Each needle covered well…perfectly in factDSC02868.  Now we have a melt off…nothing looks all that beautiful at the moment but I come away grateful…I  not only enjoyed the moment myself but shared the brief winter scenery here with you before it was gone.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Have a Nice Trip This Fall

Have you ever heard that saying in elementary school?  Usually this was said before someone tripped somebody else.  However nothing tripped me up when one morning was just too beautiful not to photographDSC02842.  Our fall this year is all about golden huesDSC02843with occasional accents in redDSC02844.  All of this with a famous Montana sapphire sky and you can consider my breath takenDSC02845 .  Close up inspections reveal the time of fall fading quicklyDSC02846.  For now the light is so awesome as it shines on this fall wonderlandDSC02847.  The golds are all the more gold and the red is like flameDSC02848.  It’s just our yard but it’s a stairway to heaven right nowDSC02849.  Fall does have it’s charmDSC02850.  The season has true majesty I admitDSC02851.  I may not be rich as some count it but I have treasure none the lessDSC02852.  No chest holds this treasureDSC02853…it’s free for all to see. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013


We had a visitor recently.  Not one we particularly expected.  During our walks we witness them at times…once one was even eating on someone’s driveway.  This time was very close…right on our deck in factDSC02832.  I believe this is a prairie falcon…enjoying his morning breakfastDSC02833.  Sadly these photos are through some dirty windows…lot’s of rain lately.  Still it was an amazing sight to beholdDSC02834.  The poor bird he was eating was being absolutely shreddedDSC02835.  It was before my breakfast but I was fine to not share with the falconDSC02840.  I enjoyed my coffee and watched the falcon until it flew awayDSC02841.  Times like this I wouldn’t trade living in Montana for anything in the world.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Seasons, They Change.

Walking outside my Dad ran across  an amazing siteDSC02806.  We occasionally have turtles near the ponds near our house but this one was huge!  His clawed feet were as big as my handDSC02807.  He was tagged…we moved him with the help of a neighbor and his wheel barrow to a safe spot near a large pond away from the streetDSC02808.  Slow as these creatures appear they have a way of getting where they want to go…he was back in the smaller pond a few days later.  Change is like that..sometimes it seems it will never come or is very slow then…it’s upon you.  My African brother Joseph came for a visit that was like that…before I knew it he was back in the airport leaving us againDSC02810.  My heart was aching to see him go but I thought our other dear friend from Ireland would be around so that would help.  All too soon he was leaving tooDSC02811.  Now we’ve no company and the season is changing at lastDSC02813.  There’s a bite in the air that the sun doesn’t take away nowDSC02815.  There’s a golden hue to the sun now that whispers of fallDSC02816.  Kids don’t have as long to play outside…but still try to hang on to the daysDSC02817.  Sun fades quickly nowDSC02819but still the kids play on…DSC02820.  Fact is a friend of Gabby’s friend invited us for his 8th birthdayDSC02821and it was the perfect fall day for itDSC02822.  Falls’ last blossoms are bloomingDSC02823.  Leaves are changing colorDSC02824.  Yellow is our most prevalent fall color hereDSC02825.  We may not have all the reds of some places but we do yellow rightDSC02826.  Some mornings are cool enough to bite the leaves and try to dampen the leaves beauty…rotting the edges…still I think it’s a frame of a nice picture stillDSC02827.  Observe the speckles…change is comingDSC02829but we can often observe season’s change and miss change God has in mind for us.  Take courage my friends, whatever season it may appear to be you are in the hands of God.