Thursday, May 29, 2014


The weather often imitates how things are in life.  Sometimes it’s as peaceful as a beautiful sunsetDSC03318.  I like it when nature mirrors my inner peaceDSC03319.  My youngest had her first piano recital which was an absolute joyDSC03321.  I actually posted more pictures of that via Facebook.  Lovely, Gabby and I braved the recently unstable weather to visit her friend far out in the countryDSC03322.  We never found her friend…it’s obvious that we live in the 4th largest state sometimesDSC03323.  Later some big storms rolled in bringing flash flooding in town…it still feels very uneasy now though in spite of the severe storm watches nothing has developed thankfully.  It remains to be seen if my sense of unease is justifiable.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Severe Outlook

Our first major storm of the season came in with a rumbleDSC03306.  Frankly I’d never seen or more accurately seen a storm quite like thisDSC03307.  The rumble of thunder was literally constant as this beast approachedDSC03308.  Reports of large hail were coming in so when it started we were not surprisedDSC03309.  Reports of golf ball hail was everywhere so I think you could say we were blessedDSC03310.  Thankfully our cars were in the garageDSC03311.  Our siding is steel fortunately but the screens…well…DSC03312.  Lots of hail in a short amount of timeDSC03313.  I hate to see the new leaves get hammered.  Next day was quietDSC03314and that’s when I noticed our fenceDSC03315…new peep holesDSC03316.  Hopefully our trees recoverDSC03317.  It’s a rough start to the Northwest’s storm season.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Bored?

I don’t think I can ever get bored with this season to answer my own question.  It’s the gateway to all I likeDSC03293.  I love seeing things grow again…hearing the birds…and smelling the flowersDSC03294.  Trust me, this view is way better in the spring than winterDSC03295.  Strangely this cold/warm extreme has made some things more dead than aliveDSC03296but all in all my favorite greens are spring greensDSC03297.  Usually we have many trees with red and/or pink blossoms…not so much this year…not even many red leavesDSC03299.  Our outside apple/bell ornament has weathered quite a winterDSC03300.  The white blossoms are everywhereDSC03301.  The one thing I don’t like is how unpredictable the storms areDSC03302.  I can’t say how many walks have been interrupted.  I wonder if it’s bee ThanksgivingDSC03303.  Bumble bee are joining the action nowDSC03304.  Well, it’s sprinkling again so I’m done for now, I’ll leave the trees to enjoy itDSC03305.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

All Hail…

Here you must be on the lookout for bad weatherDSC03261because you never know when it will take a rather drastic turnDSC03262.  I was heading out to walk when I observed this storms approachDSC03263.  I didn’t really expect more than heavy rainDSC03264so I proceeded to walk a bit and click some pictures near the pondDSC03265.  My favorite sure sign of spring…the irrigation ditchDSC03266.  Gabby was near me navigating around the plentiful burrsDSC03267.  The left over cat tails look about shotDSC03268but I still like themDSC03269.  Finally the rumble of thunder pulled my attention away from another spring classicDSC03270.  You know it’s bad when you hear the roar of approaching hail before it arrivesDSC03271.  Strangely most part of our town didn’t get hail…we definitely didDSC03272…some was thumbnail size.  There was a lot of it tooDSC03273.  The window wells had a lot built up by the time the storm passed onDSC03274.  Sadly this heralded in a cold front with…you guessed itDSC03275…our old ‘friend’ snowDSC03276.  Once the snow stopped cold rain cameDSC03277…and lasted for some timeDSC03278.  Fortunately we have no garden yet…the hail and the cold would have done a number on it I thinkDSC03279.  Still, I like the dropsDSC03282…not the cold but the artistic reflective drops always pull me inDSC03283.  The birds continued to sing like we weren’t getting a weather relapseDSC03287and I love that!  It’s all only a reflection of winter past after allDSC03292