Thursday, May 31, 2012

Better Day

You know that better day that we all seem to be waiting for?  Well, today seemed to be that day for me.  We had a very early appointment but it all turned out very well and in fact I was able to enjoy some time at “Off the Leaf”…and that my dear friends was caffeinated time!  I knocked back a nice double shot Milky Way and Lovely had another of her green tea experiments…it impressed them enough where they put a nice golden star on hers…I guess we can’t all be that fancy now can we?  I found out I was underfeeding our salamander some so I remedied that…this is the look of a satisfied salamander:  .  I don’t think I can match that look of bliss even after some espresso! 

The weather broke and is warming again at last…it was truly amazing today.  The latest snap dragon blooms are looking very niceand so I thought I’d head out toward the pond and see what I could see for a change.  It seems to be a real haven for the red wing black birds who love to perch on whatever they can find in the prairie around the pond.  Truth is I always find that when I venture near the pond no matter what my first intention I find my lens turning to the cat tails…don’t know why, I just love themand rather than robbing from the charm I find the bearded look is quite becoming to them.  I often think of that old phrase:  “…until the cows come home.”  I think you could safely say they did!  I love to see them out to pasture again because that is just another sign that warmer days are ahead.  I should have spent more of the wonderful day sitting and getting closer shots of the birds but I had other things in mind…this was my last black bird shot.  I couldn’t leave without a few more cat tail shots…these were quite blown out.  They must be very sturdy to last through our brutal winters I have to say…the wear and tear shows but here they are still.  There are other smaller, more fragile appearing remnants from last year that are out there.  These plants were all waiting for a better day…they made it though they are now dry and no longer vibrant…yet still they stand and that to me is really worth something.  The grass in the background is more vital and seems to relish its youth but these brown and dry flowers have a wiser appearance that I still appreciate for the quiet lesson it teaches.  I took a final gland back through the new green of some small bushes…I love that green but I also love the golden color of the more experienced plants out there…it’s a winning combination.  It doesn’t matter whether your better day finds you young or old…be glad that you’re still standing and don’t forget to thank God who gave it too you!  Opening our gate I glanced down and see a rock that Gabby calls the smiley stone…it’s a funny thing…looking at it right now…it doesn’t seem to be a very happy stone…of course…maybe I’m just looking at it wrong……hmm, perspective is a funny thing.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beware the Brood

It has been a trying week again with job instability for Lovely and many in our church having various financial struggles.  It’s funny how weather can mirror the struggles of life.  We had nearly record breaking heat and beautiful sapphire skies then came the day of the famous eclipse (which we couldn’t see thanks to the weather changes bringing clouds) then the brooding grey returned and so did much cooler temperatures.  During all of this I taught in the church on Wednesday and try to encourage people and give the hope…sometimes I have to do this in the face of feeling very little myself but always God lifts me up if I choose the course of faith and not hopelessness. 

I sorted through my followed blogs the other day and was astounded at those that have either erased their blog or not posted in a year or more…where on earth to people go?   What happened?  So you might say that I kind of decided to return to my medication which these days has been my relationship with God and taking the camera out and taking in the simple things right there in front of me that some bring encouragement and help me stand through another day. 


Outside the weather still is battling and each day that can be seen with the clouds struggling to take over the Big Sky country.  Much to my chagrin this struggle of the clouds brought the worst of reinforcements in cold.  Our flowers seem unsure of whether to celebrate the needed rain or cringe at the cold.  The plants do seem to be doing well and I love to catch a glimpse of rain beading on the leaves that are happily growing.  I have to keep my camera outings close because it can start to rain at the drop of a hat and once it starts I don’t want to be out in it…Still there’s something about those drops and it draws me out again and again.  Now if only these tiny drops were actual diamonds rather than photographer’s gold I’d be set!  Just look at the treasure chest of drops on these leaves.  Look I’m quite generous…let me share some more diamonds with you.  I like this shot because it was different than the rest and used some kind of interesting back lighting.  Many of our flowers now are between blooms but there is a nice exception or two.  I was surprised to find a large bumble bee along my walk.  I didn’t think she was going to make it but after being very slow and sluggish she eventually flew off


Remember all that about the eclipse?  Well, I love to go out and see what the evening skies have to offer.  I love to catch things as the sun begins to sink…the light is really nice usually.  Another nice plus is the clouds and blue sky at this time.  Even when it’s washed out I find it reminds me of a water color painting somehow.  The eclipse just gave me another unneeded reason to be out with the camera again.  The problem was the clouds that have been here off and on were still here eclipse or not.  Is there an eclipse under all that haze?  I have no idea but it was sure beautiful


Now the brood has returnedand there’s not one thing I can do about it.  Guess I’ll look at the experiences thus far that remind me that it can’t last forever.  The pansies are doing well….this one was glorying in life itself.  Other flowers are biding…or is that budding their time?  I choose hope, I choose faith, I choose God and the skies that seem to point to a better day ahead!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tiptoe Through the Tulips?

It has been that kind of weather lately honestly.  We has a high ‘n dry front pass through yesterday that I thought would end our warm spell but it was all bark and no bite.  None the less it looked pretty amazing.  I think most of you know that I love to take pictures of storms…this one looked great.  This front looked like the curtains were being drawn across the sky.  If I didn’t know better this thing would have been pretty scary to witness!  For all the bluster the curtains were drawn backand today is another beautiful day.  Who was tiptoeing through the tulips you might ask?  Well, it wasn’t exactly a person nor were the flowers tulips but it was sort of a tiptoe.  Sal was enjoying an outing today in our potted garden.  I have to say I think he was cooperative with the camera today because he figured I was going to feed him (again).  Here’s looking at you kid!  Have a great weekend y’all!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Drastic Drop

Don’t panic when I’m talking about drastic things I’m meaning the changes in temperature and precipitation today.  Yesterday it was bright and in the eighties…truly amazing and now today it’s 52 degrees with 30 mph winds and now the rain has arrived.  I understand we need rain and such however I grow very weary of the huge shifts in weather.  I have to say I blame this for the sickness our family has battled with.  Lovely and my daughter and I are still struggling with the remnants of some kind of respiratory flu and that sucks.  I was hoping to get out today and get some brilliant sunshine and blue sky photos but such is not the case.  I have a few shots that are from better days but the rest are decidedly damp.  I remember as a young man one of my favorite things was the first days of summer vacation when the sun is shinning through the trees and you can hear the cheery call of birds outside.  I’m no longer that young however the sunshine making its way through the branches of the trees still stirs me somehow.  This may seem a little thing but this view always gives me hope..  I see that and I know it’s going to be a beautiful day!  Today’s view really isn’t at all the samein fact I’s the polar opposite.  I knew it would be a different day when I woke to the wind howling outside.  I thought why not get out there anyway and see what I could come up with for photos.  I do like to take pictures of water.  I know that I could capture this effect by spraying some water on the leaves but that just wouldn’t be the same for me.  This cluster of leaves came down with the strong wind and then caught rain as it lay on the patio.  The flowers take little to be happy and they look like they are soaking up every bit of rain and loving it all.  Note the blur caused by the wind with this shot…the Pansies couldn’t care less…this is the nectar of life to them.  I was finishing up my pictures when I was finally aware of the bird symphony carrying on with great vigor!  The birds figure they’re getting a nice bird bath…this weather doesn’t bring them down a bit…can you hear them

?  For those of you that have been getting soaked:  it can’t rain forever!