Thursday, August 29, 2013

Peace & Faith vs. Apathy & Hopelessness

I’ve learned to relish my times out of the hustle and bustle of current events…it comes rarely enough.  There are times when I envy nature and it’s march to what seems a different beat then the human raceDSC02677.  Wildlife seems to be doing what It’s done for ages oblivious to the things that now seem to make humanity tickDSC02678.  Man is so tied to happiness and the pursuit thereof but the Bible speaks of peace that passes all understanding.  Happiness is related to happening…what’s going on with you while the peace of God relates to something beyond what’s happening and what we understand with our natural mind.  I believe we all need that in the fiery trials we endureDSC02679but also in every day life.  Apathy is something we see a lot of today but I don’t believe this is anything like the carelessness of natureDSC02681.  Nature’s lesson is that things are operating by a divine planDSC02682while apathy is a surrender to the place of not caring.  I prefer a surrender to the Hand of ProvidenceDSC02683rather then giving up to the place where I don’t care about anything anymore.  We all walk the road of lifeDSC02684how we walk it is up to us.  I desire a peace beyond what I can understandDSC02685…a peace I can dwell in no matter the challenges of the dayDSC02686.  This is a spring not only I can drink from but others can be nourished byDSC02687.  Don’t become wearing in well doing my friendsDSC02688.  The door may appear locked tightDSC02689but the Bible says if we knock it will be opened unto us.  Rust may decay natural thingsDSC02690but faith is a hedge and a protection when all else failsDSC02692.  Here we can dwell and no safety when all appears lostDSC02693.  A used to think the windows of heaven were gilded and beyond my reach but now I view them to be as reachable as the faith God has already given meDSC02695.  We are not locked out of graceDSC02696nor have the ages corrupted God’s tried and true covenant with usDSC02697.  Faith is beyond a choice…it’s a binding covenant that holds me togetherDSC02699.  Faith and peace are in a place where our covenant to God is tethered to His graceDSC02700.  Whatever prickly situation you find yourself in I pray you find the blossom of grace that is always thereDSC02701.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


…it’s really necessary to go beyond obstacles or things that are intimidating to see the treasures that lie beyondDSC02652.  Sometimes there are signs that warn danger but if you’re bold you can witness real wonders out thereDSC02653but it takes some courage and willingnessDSC02654.  We were fortunate in that there were no fires at the time so mostly restricted travel applied to vehicles not foot travelDSC02655.  I love the mix of farmland and mountainsDSC02656.  The flowers aren’t really exotic to some perhaps but I love them none the lessDSC02657.  The roads were restricted to most motorized travel but I don’t mind one bitDSC02658.  Solitude in such environments does something to meDSC02659.  I always look to God whom I believe created it all and am humbled by itDSC02660.  The Montana panorama always takes my breath awayDSC02661.  I know hay rolls aren’t exotic either but I just love seeing them so muchDSC02662.  Blue Bells abound near these mountain farmsDSC02663.  Last years floods washed away many roads but they had repaired that this yearDSC02664which allowed access to areas we couldn’t easily see last yearDSC02665.  White Tail Deer often frequent these fieldsDSC02666but even empty they capture my heartDSC02667.  The view just outside the cabin is magnificent tooDSC02668.  There’s a fantastic pine tree that I love to stand under where I love to just look upDSC02669.  The breeze blowing through the tree, the sights and sounds…ah!  The pine cones not only look wonderfulDSC02670but provide fuel for the fire.  We’ve witnessed bears here many timesDSC02671but fortunately never had a dangerous encounter.  So many trails to takeDSC02672and such amazing territory to seeDSC02673.  Where will we go and which path is the one to takeDSC02675?  Like the burning bush in the BibleDSC02676you have to turn aside and be willing to ask:  “What’s that?” and be willing to leave your comfort zone.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stillwater Series 2013

Having finally finished the series on Florida I’m moving on to our cabin stay on the Stillwater River.  This year I could have used another trip because there’s no peace like there is in the mountains in our state.  The weather has been very erratic lately with jumps from 59 to the mid-nineties predicted through this week…this is another signal of fall’s approach…that and the daylight not lasting as long.  The scene in our backyard remains beautiful to meDSC02627.  The storms that are around us have been fairly intense but mostly it hasn’t been a bother to us fortunatelyDSC02629.  The evening skies have some very nice colors to enjoyDSC02630and the passing of these storms cools things down in the evening which is nice after a hot dayDSC02631and it provides a scenic backdrop when the day is doneDSC02632.  The Montana evening panorama:  DSC02633.  I still am amazed at how time flies once the 4th of July is doneDSC02634but going for our cabin stay slows it down some…just once more as the summer melts to fall.  We actually bring our Salamander since he’s a resident of Montana and needs to special amenities to survive.  Here is almost ready to go, wading in his pool just one more time before we head outDSC02638.  Our peppers have been doing very well and so we arranged to have them watered when we were goneDSC02639.  These are banana peppers and are not hot at all in fact, they taste some like bell peppersDSC02640.  The smaller ones are much more fiery but many are still greenDSC02642.  The potted garden of Eden on our sunken porch that leads to the garden remains one of my favorite spotsDSC02644.  I love the variety of colors in these flowersDSC02645.  They have done very well this yearDSC02646but somehow I always prefer the wild flowers we see around the cabinDSC02647.  These have faced the harsh climates that come in the mountains and yet still thriveDSC02648.  It’s been a cicada year for us but the variety in the mountains are different in appearance and sound they makeDSC02649.  Our salamander liked them for entirely different reasons…breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Blue Bells are the star of the show to meDSC02650.  For now I will give just a taste of the pictures to come.  The sign says road closed…but just for now…next week we’ll go beyond and see what the road holdsDSC02651.