Thursday, June 27, 2013

Florida Dreaming

Have you ever had a dream that you thought might just end up being a bucket list thing if you’re fortunate yet somehow miraculously it comes to pass early?  We had something like this come true.  We had dreamed of visiting our relatives in Florida for some time.  It has been nearly fifteen years since we’d last seen them in the Philippines but now they are in Florida.  Lovely and I had discussed going there and even hoped to bring our daughter who just graduated for a visit.  Miracles do happen…this thing is certifiable.  Many have prayed with us and supported us to make this happen and I’m eternally grateful…foremost however my thanks go to God.  Upon arrival to Florida I find the usual fascination with palm treesDSC02420.  I’ve seen them before in fact I’ve lived in the tropics but it’s been awhile.  We went to a wonderful beach for a picnic with our familyDSC02421.  The nice thing about this place was it had nice covered picnic areas where you could get some relief from the sun…and plenty of foliageDSC02422.  It was a slight walk to the beach after thatDSC02423.  My goodness I’ve missed the oceanDSC02424.  The day was so bright and sunnyDSC02425, just perfect for the beach!  My wife and daughter posed for a few pictures before we went on with our dayDSC02426…this is a far cry from MontanaDSC02427!  I love flowers and though these are like grass here they are so beautiful and new to meDSC02428.  There is a beauty to climates like this that is unbeatableDSC02429.  The kids spent some time flying a kite…the breeze off the ocean provided a perfect climate for thisDSC02430.  Gabby and her cousins whom she’d never met before enjoyed their time on the playground.  I stopped her for a moment and snapped a quick pictureDSC02431.  They had great equipment in this area…I decided to try and be a little creativeDSC02432…well, at least I tried.  Whew, hot day but oh so beautifulDSC02433.  We began to see the sea gulls move in to beg as we began to barbecueDSC02435.  We being the silly tourists we were fed them a bitDSC02436.  Suddenly we were very popular with the local population…of birdsDSC02437.  Next we moved on down the beach where Gabby and her cousins Miles and Vince paused before heading back to the waterDSC02438.  Oh how I love the beaches of FloridaDSC02439.  The hot sun made having a beach umbrella essentialDSC02440.  We finally decided it was time to head home and as we went this fellow decided to pose for meDSC02442.  Like palm trees these birds are common in Florida but new to me so I made them my subjectDSC02443.  It was a fantastic first day filled with wonderful reunions, terrific food and amazing Florida scenery. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

About to Take Flight

We had another wet cool downDSC02405but the birds don’t seem to care whether it’s coming or going…they are still out there singing their hearts outDSC02406.  I have to admit that I’m glad to see the cold on its way out for a while at leastDSC02407.  We bought a few flowers…let’s pray they escape the curse of my notoriously black thumbDSC02408.  Potted gardens seem to be our best bet…if nothing else it’s nice for nowDSC02409.  If only these things flourished as well as the wild stuff in the fieldDSC02410.  Out there everything seems very hearty and self reliant.  I love the sights and sounds of the pondDSC02411.  There are frogs that relentlessly croak away but I’ve yet to catch a glimpse of them in the tall grassDSC02412.  The ditch has been quite high with all the moisture recentlyDSC02413.  The pastoral fields beyond beckon with quite beautyDSC02414.  Birds of a handful of varieties chirp the day awayDSC02415.  Simple Montana bouquets flourish here and thereDSC02416while we are like these dandelion seedsDSC02418 …almost ready to take flight to Florida come Monday morningDSC02419.