Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunsets & Salamanders

How’s that for a title?  Well, that’s what It’s been about latelyDSC03401.  Not much can beat quiet evenings in the backyard observing God’s creativity as it unfolds on the sky’s canvasDSC03402.  Just when I’m ready to put away my camera another subtle color is addedDSC03403.  I end up feeling not only blessed but privileged to not only be seeing this but have the peace to enjoy itDSC03404 .  We have very hot weather now with a cool down expected this weekend.  I’m hoping to get some more pictures as the cool front moves inDSC03410.  Solitude is fine and dandy but sometimes I share the time outside with our pet Tiger Salamander SalDSC03411.  He’s quiet and doesn’t seem to care much about sunsets or sunrises but I still like himDSC03412.  Ah Montana, what could be betterDSC03413?  Soon we head to the cabin on the Stillwater River.  As great as the scenery from our backyard here in Billings isDSC03414.  I expect it will be much better there.  For now I look to the sky and think about packing for our tripDSC03415…not too seriously mind youDSC03416.  The cool damp grass caresses my feetDSC03417 and God’s painting continues to evolveDSC03418.  I can’t tear myself awayDSC03419.  Silence with some crickets and content roosting birds is all I hearDSC03420.  God’s panorama unfoldsDSC03421and I know that I know, there is heaven on earthDSC03422.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rising or Setting?

I guess I don’t care which.  Still, the sunsets have the edge lately2014-07-11 21.20.59.  The kids and I have been going out in the evenings when it’s cooler to kick around the soccer ball.  This opens up some nice picture opportunities of the sunset when we’re done2014-07-11 21.21.22.  I hear there have been fires in Washington state.  This can make for interesting skies2014-07-11 21.22.34.  This is actually more noticeable in the mornings.  The evening skies take my breath away2014-07-12 21.15.49.  There’s a build up then a soft fade as it gets darker2014-07-12 21.16.12.  This morning the sun had a distinctive orange cast from the smoke2014-07-17 07.48.46…this cannot be seen directly but on the ground and through windows it’s really evident.  Whether it’s sunrise or sunset where you are bless you my friends.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The 4th Dimension

I always think summer moves at light speed after the 4th of July.  Independence Day is one of our absolute favorite holidays.  It’s pretty interactive2014-07-04 19.50.08.  The kids really love fireworks2014-07-04 19.50.17.  It brings back many colorful memories of childhood to me2014-07-04 19.52.46.  I love the weather and celebration2014-07-04 19.53.27.  We had a great break in the cooler weather too2014-07-04 19.50.45.  Our front yard flowers weren’t to be outdone2014-07-05 10.33.06.  Don’t they remind you of fireworks2014-07-05 10.33.17?  They always do me2014-07-05 10.33.30!  Now we’re past the celebrations but warm summer days persist.  The bird dramas continue.  Recently we had another small Robin leave their nest.  He sat very still and let me get his photo before hopping alone2014-07-05 10.36.06.  Enjoy the day….all too quickly time moves on.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Long and Short of It.

My daughter has been donating her locks for Locks of Love for sometime now.  We let it grow quite longDSC03389.  Now summer has rolled along again and it was time for a real haircutDSC03390.  What do you think…will she be cooler or whatDSC03391?