Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Last Bit

We are in the midst of preparation for a holiday trip.  Always it seems the business before we go is accelerated in the last days before we go.  My daughter had another piano recitalDSC03678.  We nearly missed it over some confusion about where it was being held but she walked in there and literally just sat down and played beautifullyDSC03679.  She absolutely never lets us down.  Next a long time family friend got married in our little churchDSC03680.  It was so beautiful in there…people really came together to prepare it all and it was stunning.  Last but absolutely not least Lovely and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on the 17th.  I’ve been trolling a jewelry site for some time and finally found exactly what I wanted for usDSC03682.  In reflection before our trip I now more than ever realize I couldn’t do it without Jesus Christ.  All the dust of life will settle…he will eternally remain.  Never forget the reason for the season my friends.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

No Man is an Island

It’s true, no matter how alone you feelDSC03662.  I’ve been physically alone many times…also alone in a crowd.  Often enough solitude is a state of mind.  sometimes it’s  a choice…sometimes it’s not.  Many fear solitude.  Today is dim and dreary and the temptation is to feel lonelyDSC03663but I figure if I’m going to be alone with my thoughts I should make those thoughts positive thoughts.  Thinking of this I’m reminded of  Matthew 28:  20 – …And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Amen.  Thank God for that!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Slow to Thaw

It’s been a longer lasting snow this timeDSC03652.  I am not a fan of winter but it really is beautiful out thereDSC03653.  We’re supposed to hit the forties nowDSC03654.  I won’t miss the grey skies one bitDSC03655.  The sapphire blue is my personal favoriteDSC03656.  I love contrasting colorsDSC03657and the blue really brings this out…as does our favorite evergreen treeDSC03659.  The temperatures were perfect for the snow to stick to branches recentlyDSC03660but now the warmer weather is approaching making winter look much more barrenDSC03661.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

What’s that gift?  Who brings itDSC03642?  No, it’s not Santa.  It’s not decked with lightsDSC03643.  It’s not under our decorated hearthDSC03644.  It can’t be cracked or broken by the toughest teeth or hardest heartDSC03645.  It’s the spice of life…beyond what any shaker could holdDSC03646.  I can’t be concealed under a bushel nor held in a man made container…no matter how artsy it may beDSC03647.  It’s brighter than any light and burns brighter than any candleDSC03649.  It can’t be wrapped nor decoratedDSC03650.  It’s bigger than the borders of any one countryDSC03651.  What is this you may ask…well, it’s the love of God for each and every one of us.  Beyond the trimmings and foods of the season…I’m thankful for God and HIs enormous love for us.  I’m thankful for you dear reader for without God’s purpose you would not be here on this earth.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It Ain’t Pretty

It really isn’t.  The cold front swept down on us like most everyone else but brought only trace amounts of snow and  a whole lot of cold.  Now the temperatures are up enough to melt the snow and it’s…well, uglyDSC03633.  The skies are partly cloudy and the trees nakedDSC03634.  Wind came with the passing fronts…so the melting snow captured some dead leavesDSC03635.  I didn’t put out the welcome mat for this weather but it came anywayDSC03636.  I wonder if it will all melt before our next go aroundDSC03637.  Wind blowing and soft dripping is all there is to hear outsideDSC03638.  Hopefully none of this will remain as ice under the next stormDSC03639.  This leaf is like a cry for help, trapped under snowDSC03640.  No matter your weather, I welcome you today and pray all is well with youDSC03641.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sunsets ‘n Snowflakes

That’s just what we hadDSC03614.  The last hurrah of fall was awesomeDSC03615.  This is the glorious moment before winter’s hammer comes downDSC03616…in this game of chessDSC03619…winter is winning by the bucket-fullDSC03620.  Old Man Winter has set the table nowDSC03621and the scenery is blanketed in whiteDSC03625.  I see a pattern developing hereDSC03622.  The leaves can run but they cannot hideDSC03623.  The deck now has a 5 o’clock shadowDSC03624.  Winter’s waves crash against our rocksDSC03625 and our prairie sports its new Christmas sweaterDSC03626.  This is a scene from “A Christmas Story”DSC03627.  It’s winter now like it or we’ve a long road to shovel nowDSC03628.  Us versus winter in a cage matchDSC03629.  Take a lesson from the Evergreens:  face the winter with no whiningDSC03630.  Come what may we’re never alone without GodDSC03631.  So drink from winter’s cup and enjoy what you canDSC03632.