Saturday, November 28, 2015

No End to Thankfulness

I believe there's only two courses in life.  One is a path
This path is God created for us.  The other is a highway many use that leads to destruction.  The countryside on the path we've chosen is sometimes beautiful

Sometimes season's end surrounds us on our path
The scenery isn't as important as the route.  Not all fruit on this trail is safe to indulge in
Some fruit is beautiful and enjoyable
Not all places are best to inhabit though they may look inviting
Our dwelling is on the road though difficulties may make us want to stop
Take heed of the flower's lesson
Though it is here today and gone tomorrow it makes the most of today glorying in the Creator's blessing.  Most true joy in life is child-like
Complexity seldom has such joy and beauty
Thank God for today's simple joy
It's custom made for you
Today is God's gift...contemplate that
If today feels like fertilizer remember today's fertilizer brings tomorrow's bloom

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Last Gasps of Fall?

Terrible wind brought much cooler temperatures and the promise of snow.  Hard to believe it was so much warmer not long ago
Now it's anything but pretty with most leaves gone, dead grass and chilly temperatures.  Quite the contrast from just a few days ago
There's  a fish filled pond in our zoo
I don't believe in wishing ponds but I wish I was there on a nicer day now
My flash failed to fire when I took this...reminds me of "Water Ship Down"
I've picked up leaves several times...I won't miss that job
Our ditch is now drained...I miss it
This is Montana beyond the fence post
We likely won't walk this path until next year
Only dry leaves sit on this bench now
Soon all will be white and snow covered...the leaves reign is ending

Friday, November 13, 2015

Trying Times

Lately I've honestly wondered when the recent dark times will pass.  Lately I've nearly fallen off social media entirely.  I know dark times can't last forever
and I know there's grace for every situation
Faith is made for times like this
Holding onto faith when there's really nothing else is not a thing for the faint of heart
I'm thankful for the bright spots in life lately that helps lighten an otherwise dark outlook
Others have not only walked this road but they've walked roads far darker.  There's always hope
Hope and faith are lights in the darkness
Rain can't dampen it
Seasonal change doesn't upset it
Difficulty may come
but faith and hope provides fruit in every season
Fertilizer can seem nasty but it brings growth
Have you seen livestock brave the cold?
Having done all they stand...nature's lessons make me smile sometimes
Look beyond the current circumstance...there's brighter days out there
Peace is out there, in fact it may be closer than it appears

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Warm Spark

Late season blooms are so awesome
I like them because they're a pleasant surprise
November entered in a very soggy cold sleigh but right now I'm warming myself with these photos
Sometimes these flowers bring their friend
A nice water fall provided some nice ambience
Some of these flowers are so yellow they should provide actual warmth
This one is like a sunset on a warm summer day
This bloom is reaching greater heights
Some have more subtle colors
Others are part of  a larger bouquet
Talk about orange
Here's looking at you kid
Vividly alive