Thursday, December 3, 2015

Many Are Called, Few Chosen

How does one retain chosen status
What sets us apart
Life marks us all
Even similar situations doesn't guarantee similar responses from us necessarily
Some become bitter and give up
while other chose a more positive course
Scars of life don't have to make you ugly
Life's storms we weather make us who we are
but even more accepting God's course...ah, that defines us
Will we become emotionally leathery and hard to touch
Or will we chose a higher path
All of us go through things someone else has suffered
But will we transform under God's grace
or simply wither and fade

Tribulation often feels isolating
But everyone goes through it
You might say it's a beautiful struggle
Each triumph and lost effects us
Humanity is shaped by this eternal struggle
We cling to this mortal coil
and how we respond shapes the outcome of so many things
What's our role
On the tree of life are we unique
The Bible says to be holy as He is holy...but the choice is yours


  1. Wonderful thoughts and beautiful photo/illustrations, Joe!

  2. Beautifully said Joe and very aptly illustrated. Each photo amply illustrates the description that precedes it. I will also say this resonates with me.

    1. Thanks Carole...sparse pickin's in blog land for me these days but it's quality not quantity that counts.