Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Great Falling Away

This isn’t the scriptural falling away I’m discussing…no, it’s another that happens every yearDSC03573.  I just can’t stop taking pictures of leaves these daysDSC03574.  Fall is a fiery colored seasonDSC03575.  Some flames are more spectacular than othersDSC03576.  In the middle of my fall enjoyment we had a partial eclipse…I never captured it well but the lighting rockedDSC03577.  I’m surprised any Dandelion puff balls remainDSC03578.  Another celestial event come and goneDSC03579.  Soon the season’s passing  will be a thing of the past like the eclipseDSC03580.  Somehow the last hangers on are sad little thingsDSC03581.  Most gather on the ground rather than on the trees now but a few groups cling to branches stillDSC03583.  Most leaves on trees are long sentries awaiting fall’s passingDSC03584.  Leaves on the ground await the first snow togetherDSC03585.  I wonder if they silently call their remaining brethren to join themDSC03586.  If they hear they show now signDSC03588.  Some still reach for blue skies aboveDSC03589.  Trees for the most part dressed as skeletons this year for HalloweenDSC03590.  There’s no pumpkin carving with these lonersDSC03591, no gleeful excitementDSC03593, just a dying echo of season’s passingDSC03594.  This lone leaf clings to our back door grateDSC03596while others cling to our porch stone wallDSC03597.  For now they are secure from the breezes aboveDSC03598.  Are they sad, stoic or braveDSC03599…maybe no one knowsDSC03600…or maybe it depends on your moodDSC03601.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Still Falling

What can I say?  I’m loving the beautiful fall days we’ve been havingDSC03554.  It does mean some raking today but I’m ok with that.  The leaves are falling faster nowDSC03555and I know this season soon will be devoid of leaves…at least on the treesDSC03557.  Leaves are now gathering in large leaf puddles on the groundDSC03558.  The leaves on the trees look like yellow flames nowDSC03559.  Some trees are already barrenDSC03560.  I love the lighting right nowDSC03561and I enjoy the leaves crunch beneath my feetDSC03562.  I love the jig saw patterns fallen leaves make on our rocksDSC03563.  Fall is well named I thinkDSC03564.  The magnificent yellows of this tree seems surrealDSC03565.  This is fall fire with unique flareDSC03567…and I love the deep blue sky behind it allDSC03569.  The sun is so bright and golden tooDSC03570.  Fall has come invited or notDSC03571…and the table is setDSC03572.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Fall is moving right along…there’s more and more leaves on the ground…outnumbering the ones that remain in some places.  Still there’s a tremendous beauty in this seasonDSC03544.  Gold is prevalent for our fall color collageDSC03545 but there are other accentuating colors tooDSC03546.  Our rock borders are getting with the fall spirit tooDSC03547.  Some leaves are brown and gold…interesting in their inevitable declineDSC03548.  The few reds our there always capture my lensDSC03550.  Gold on blue…who doesn’t like thatDSC03551?  Some greens remain as well, punctuated by fallen goldDSC03552.  It’s a season of change and beauty indeed!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Indian Summer

I thought the warmth of the year was doneDSC03532.  I thought the remnants of summer were finally fadedDSC03533.  Surprises can come…much like an exceptional sunset when you weren’t looking for itDSC03534.  Indian summer is particularly nice…not too hot…not to cool…just right.  Even our salamander seemed more activeDSC03536.  The signs of fall are here and thereDSC03537but the transition is not yet completeDSC03538.  Summer is my favorite season but this is really awesome I must admitDSC03539.  This portrait won’t last long…so I’ll capture it while I canDSC03540.  The warmth and shining sun in an amazing blue sky fill me with joyDSC03541.  This is my kind of weather with outstanding colorsDSC03542.  Appreciate the moment while you canDSC03543!