Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bear Tooth & Sunlight

We had a much needed break from the usual around here.  It was also a nice break from the heat.  The Bear Tooth Pass is an awesome sight as usual and the Sunlight Basin…well, it was breathtaking.  This cabin was new to us so that was an adventure too.  The cabin had everything:  electricity, water, an actual shower with hot water, three bedrooms, refrigerator, microwave and even a washer and dryer!  The first day had a shocker when we were unloading the cars.  I was with my son unloading when Lovely who was standing closer to the cabin said:  “bear!”.  My first thought was a black bear that was far away but to my shock it was a very large grizzly bear about seventy yards away!  I shouted for Love and Gabby to go inside the cabin and fortunately the bear got startled and moved out of sight.  Later we found out this area had problem bears released in the area, I’m quite glad we didn’t have any problem with it!  We had other visitors that weren’t as large or dangerous but were a lot of fun none the less.  I think we all just loved having a change of scenery.  You couldn’t go wrong no matter which way you looked out from the cabin.  Don’t get me wrong, I like our views here from our house but it’s pretty hard to beat things like this.  Though I hear it’s been dry in the area of the cabin the mountains remained very beautiful.  I enjoy seeing other pines besides what we have near our house too.  The cabin was built in the 30s so the style was rustic and different from the other ones we’d stayed in before.  The fence gate had a tree shaped holes cut in them…I thought that was a cool touch.  I’m a texture man so while I was examining the fence I couldn’t help but notice the rusty bolts embedded in some of the fence posts.  I also like the moss and such that grows on old fences don’t you?  I think the delicate greens and the worn wood make for a texture lovers dream.  The front gate to the cabin had the same tree cut pattern but there was a large spring on it that creaked like some old castle door when it was opened.  The cabin host and his wife were actually from Pennsylvania.  He faithfully raised and lowered the flag each day.  The ground hogs became our best friends before it was all over.  Their antics were really funny and they all had personalities that was surprising for such little fellows.  We explored down this road both directions and even spent the day wading a bit on a warm day.  You just can’t beat the smell of a wild rose!  We spent a lot of time looking to see if the large grizzly would return but that didn’t happen…nothing but beautiful scenery out there.  Interestingly enough (or not) most of the fences weren’t the standard barbwire I was used to…most was wooden and when there was barbwire it looked old and on its way out.  What’s better then a classic weenie roast when in the woods?  I have many more pictures to share but that will have to wait for now.  I hope all is with you my friends.  The truth is I wasn’t ready to come back but it’s good to have friends to come home to when you do have to return right?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm going to be off-line for a bit but fear not I shall return! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dry, oh so Dry

I’ve heard now that it’s the driest it’s ever been in our state’s history and I sure do believe it.  We’ve had many fires from the high ‘n mostly dry storms that pass with high winds and deadly lightning.  It’s been a struggle even to keep our flowers and few vegetables from drying out.  I like to have a fresh bouquet every once in a while and the pansies have been allowing this to happen in spite of the heat.  I’m not sure why some of them are one tone while others (my personal favorite) are like this.  Outside of our garden only the hardy plants survive…even the puff balls seem a more sturdy variety than the norm but maybe that’s just me.  I’ve also noticed that the grasshopper population is coming along nicely though I surely don’t know how.  There have been plenty of treats for our salamander in this I guess we’re blessed.  Mosquitoes have seemed non existent fortunately.  The field in the back of our house is about as brown as brown can be at this point but that doesn’t seem to bother the thistles.  Most everything else is brown…it reminds me of a wheat field about ready for harvest.  I still don’t know what these flowers are…though their glory is fading they are still rather spectacular.  The puff balls are preparing to launch their seeds to the great unknown…I wonder if they will grow this year.  Well, I hope some of you are getting some heat relief if you’ve been struggling with it.  For now the heat here is as prickly as the thistles

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Come and Gone

It’s always seemed to me that  the approach of the 4th is slow but once it’s past the rest of the summer seems to pass like greased lightning.  Our outside garden has been a pleasure to watch.  The beans are growing like Jack’s beanstalk in the fairy tale.  The pansies and other flowers have provided fireworks that were all natural and didn’t pose a fire hazard of any sort.  The field in the back of our house is really drying up but the natural plants fair better than most stuff you could by at the store outside of cactus.  Seeing the pollen laced plants makes me glad I am immune to any allergies…so is our whole family fortunately.  Lurking in the field as I sometimes do provides some fun discoveries like this pleasant blossom.  I was enjoying the blossom and taking some pictures when I noticed the heavy buzz of a good sized bumble beeand then my focus went from the flower to this very busy girl.  She reminded me so much of the big bumble bees we saw on the Tain Way in Ireland that were not only collecting pollen but also sampling the wears of the clover crop until they acted positively drunk on it!  This one certainly had her tongue out mixing the business of gathering with the pleasure of tasting.  Each season has sunlight unique to it and summer is no different.  I love the opaque effect that appears when the setting sun hits the leaves!  I know it’s been hot and miserable for much of the season but I still find that I love summer none the less…you just can’t see things like this in any other season.  Another summer classic came along too.  Lovely needed to do a photo shoot for the magazine she works for so she set up the best lemonade stand ever for Gabby and her friend to run…I sampled some of the products and give it my own personal two thumbs up!  Everything from cookies and cupcakes to lemonade and even some strawberry fruit drink blew my mind!  After sampling some of the stands amazing treats I lay down under a tree and looked up taking in the day…aaah!  Day’s end was beautiful as can be.  The 4th itself was very quiet for us.  There was a complete ban on personal fireworks unless you want to chance a $500 dollar fine to go with a felony charge should you start a fire…which we certainly didn’t.  We had a nice lunch of barbecued hamburgers and shrimp salad and some of my Mom’s classic shrimp and dill dip with chips…so good!  We then went and saw the new Spiderman movie and went to the firework show near our house.  They always do a great job and this year was no exception.  I’ve never had a 4th devoid of fireworks of some sort and I don’t intend to.  We said our “oh” and “ah” choruses and the show progressedand finally it came to the finale.  We went home and then watched a family movie with a few treats and called it a day.  It was quiet but spent with those I love most in the whole world.  There’s plenty of things messed up in this old world but for just one night anyway…all was right with the world…I hope you had a spectacular day.  Let us never forget the sacrifice made to make such a celebration possible.  God bless the USA!