Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bits ‘n Pieces

Yep, that’s what I’ve got for you today.  A lone sentinel to spring’s gloryDSC03862 .  Cotton ball clouds reflected in our nearby irrigation ditchDSC03863.  A creative rainbow Gabby colored on our stepsDSC03864.  Our flowers doing very wellDSC03865.  Gabby’s cactus bloom blooming mightilyDSC03866.  Lastly a local Chickadee eyeing me from a nearby treeDSC03869.  These are a few of my favorite spring things.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hope Springs Eternal

It isn’t about a feeling, it’s all about faith that all too often defies what I feel.  Flowers must have dirt to bloomDSC03855and so does life it seems.  Into every life a little rain must fall they sayDSC03856.  I’ve found this to be true but thankfully such is the environment in which blooms flourishDSC03857.  So much hope in blossomsDSC03858but if we understand the seasons we know that though there may be storms something good can come of itDSC03859in fact without storms from where would the moisture comeDSC03860?  Even the most hostile country has life adapted to struggleDSC03861.  There’s a life lesson here.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Led Beside Still Waters

After hitting eighty degrees it cooled way down and rained for a whole day.  Today we dry off again and warm up someDSC03836.  Nothing fills me with joy like a Montana sapphire skyDSC03837and few things give me as much hope as the returning leavesDSC03838.  Walking out my door to this always gives me hopeDSC03839.  But give credit to the pines…they stayed green all winter longDSC03842.  Sun’s first and last light is always specialDSC03843.  Cat Tails point the wayDSC03844…and in a group they’re hard to ignoreDSC03845.  Today no gloom makes me feel trappedDSC03846.  Here’s looking at you kidDSC03847.  Yeah, there’s hope out here today…call it a weed if you wantDSC03848.  I’m led by still waters todayDSC03849.  Nature’s singing to me tooDSC03850and the choir looks mighty fineDSC03851.  Why wallow in deathDSC03852?  Let your light so shineDSC03853

Friday, April 10, 2015

Budding Genius

Easter has gone away for another yearDSC03823…even our egg salad sandwiches are a thing of the past nowDSC03824.  We made eggs and ate a wonderful Asian treat…Siapo DSC03825…so good!  Now the eggs are doneDSC03826 so I went out to see the budding genius of springDSC03827.  It’s been cooler again so things aren’t as green as they might beDSC03828.  Gabby’s been playing outside some againDSC03829.  I love her workDSC03830.  Spring is welcome in our homeDSC03831.  We felt it amazing when we bought this house that the original owner’s kids had the names of our two daughters.  These stones we found outside before getting this houseDSC03832…such a nice day to relive such memoriesDSC03833.  Heading back in I observed this pine cone peeking out at meDSC03834.  Lastly this is another Gabby project…a pretend camp fireDSC03835…clever, maybe spring isn’t the only budding genius.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Pre-Easter Bunny

I’ve been tied up lately.  The things I’ve been involved with have been most unpleasant.  As anyone knows life is life that…fraught with good and bad.  Today decisions had to be made so I was involved in the process.  Lives were effected and now I must live with this.  You cannot un-spill milk nor un-cry tears…grace Lord.  Justice is one of those noble things we discuss but don’t often get the chance to meet it out in the place of real power.  Concepts are one thing…actions requiring principle often quite another.  Consider the life, sacrifice and resurrection of Christ.  He epitomized all God stands for…He lived for it, died for it, rose again for it.  How I respect this in Jesus.  Never was He about faith without works.  I warm myself tonight in the light of Jesus’ example.  Just when things seem dark the light often makes itself blessedly known.  Feeling dark today here before Easter I saw something that lifted my spirits so.  I saw a rabbit…still as can be…hoping its stillness made it invisibleDSC03822.  This token of peace warms me on a cold and windy day.