Thursday, September 27, 2012


Fall can personify what I feel sometimes…that can be good or that can be a pretty melancholy thing.  I feel weary of several things right now, things that have gone on and on and seem to stubbornly persist beyond all prayer and reason.  Believe me when I say this isn’t something I say so I can get comments saying:  having done all stand or some such sentiment…I get that but I’m just expressing a battle weariness that comes to everyone at some point or another.  Going outside I find much of what I’m seeing tempered by the feelings I’m having.  Most things are on their last hurrah now as we enter deeper and deeper into the fall season .  Green is giving way to yellow in many trees now…here in our state there’s not much red or orange.  I find that the seeds in particular draw my attention today.  The pods are mostly fully open like that last picture or they have finished delivering their cargo now.  I’m amazed at how the rule of the bright little yellow flowers has now quickly passedand the cat tails are now showing signs of decay.  The next thing I see is the effects of the relentless sun and dry weather we have on the cat tails……some are even completely white!  If you are not able to appreciate gold tones, browns and yellows you would not like fall in Montana.  Fortunately I’ve grown to love it!  It strikes me through all of this that for new life there’s got to be death somewhere…these adult plants are giving their life that they might release their finely packed seeds…with or without my help they are completely focused on this task right now.  Once that internal time frame comes there’s an explosive action that ejects these seeds.  White is a very prevalent color right now as everything has the same plan to release seeds .  I’m shocked to see the thistles that so marvelously stood out with their purple blossoms now completely faded at this point.  The sun has an amazing tone right now that gives the old familiar sights a new interest point to me.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen these cat tails do this before…at least not so quickly in the season.  Looking at the stunted and mummified cockle bur type planet I felt pretty smug…at least I wouldn’t have to pull these darn things off my pants and socks before going back inside!  Speaking of which it was time to head back so with a glance or twobehind me I began to head back to the house…taking in the bright golden tinged sunlight.  Entering my yard I noticed one of the little seeds and was amazed that it had found it’s way there.  Yes, many things seem to be getting old, yes this is a season of transition but always life finds a way to triumph and I still find great encouragement in that!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn’s Approach

The weather has been about perfect during the days here.  Going out one fine evening I took a picture of the setting sun and didn’t even notice the heart until later…can you see it?  The leaves are starting to change now.  The pod plants I’ve been watching are all yellow now for the most part…that’s a radical change from just a few days ago.  I’ve been waiting to see what the pods contained…I was hoping for some Autumn flower or something…not the case.  Just look at how puffy the tops of these sees are!  There’s not been the usual wind here so the seeds are mostly in the pods still.  The thistles have been just exploding near the pond now.  Returning home I’m struck by the marching on of the seasons.  The big picture and the close up view work together to show the inevitable end of summer .  I just pray that drought ends and the dry season finds it’s end along with summer.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peace That Passes All Understanding

I know these are troubled times…my goodness, that may be the understatement of the year!  Some days I feel like everything is going to unravel at any moment then other days like right now when I think there’d be plenty or reason to feel pretty upset I feel a peace I can’t describe.  9/11 I spent the day talking to my kids about that day and watching some videos…it was hard, then the attacks on the embassy followed by further unrest in the Middle East and here I am with a peace I can’t understand.  It’s not that I’m unaffected…it’s a thing with my heart deep down beyond my thoughts.  I know something big is going to happen, it’s just a matter of time but for now I’ll enjoy the peace which I don’t feel all that often these days and keep my eyes open both naturally and spiritually.

Our salamander thinks it’s just another day…note he’s pulled out the latest in Tiger Salamander fashion.  He often digs under his water dish now and just shows his face(when he’s hungry) and his tail when he’d rather not be disturbed.  Wish I could do that sometimes!  Today I went out a bit earlier than usual to try and find some pictures for the blog.  Sometimes it feels like nothing in all the world could ever change.  What I see as a solid and somehow comforting view the cows view as highly unusual.  They think I’m pretty weird…I think the looks they give me are priceless.  The lingering sounds of summer are so comforting…there’s the steady chirp of crickets and chirps of various birds…especially near the pond.  I figured since it was such a wonderful morning why not go for some different angles and see what I could see?  The thistles are thriving and getting near them requires some discomfort but I felt it was worth it.  I enjoyed moving out a little further near the irrigation ditch to indulge in the wonderful view that was offered!  The swirling eddies of the ditch brought me to a whole new level of peace today.  Sometimes the best way to find a good shot is just to turn around and see what’s been behind you the whole time.  Moving up a little I thought this dead tree provided for an opportunity for some nice framing.  I was beginning to get covered with fuzz from the various weeds spreading themselves everywhere at this point.  It’s time to head back though I do miss it when I have to go.  Let not your hearts be troubled my friends.  God bless and keep you.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Day

I wish I could say it were another dollar my way but it is not…at least not yet…and the day isn’t over!  It was overcast and much cooler today when I went out the old familiar gate to take some different pictures.  The pond has had some sounds of hidden life but I’ve yet to capture anything much on film as far as it’s concerned.  I love how things sound out by the pond…chirping of various insects, quacking of ducks…who won’t let me get anywhere near them, an occasional pheasant squawking…even the lowing of cows…I just love it.  The few things that are growing well in the drought are doing well indeed…just look at these thistles.  I expect they will be amazing when they fully blossom.  Sometimes I feel that I’m under austerity measures when it comes to photos with the dry weather but even in this there’s some interesting things.  Look at the symmetry on this thing !  I ran across some interesting combinations out there today…bland variety aside from the yellow but I like it none the less.  This is another combo I liked…it seems so fitting for fall.  The cows were giving me some questioning stares.  Yellow still is the most outstanding color out there so far…we’ll see if it keeps it’s reign or the purple of the thistles overtakes it.  I glanced back as I headed back to the house and marveled again at how dry it is.  At this point the cows lost all interest in me and headed home themselves.  Last shot of the day was this brilliant red bloom…at least something is still alive and colorful in the garden.