Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mixed Company

Spring often comes to Montana in fits and starts.  This year it’s all about fits…no startsDSC03197.  The trees are mostly as barren as they’ve been all winter but here and there you see buds opening upDSC03198.  It makes strange bedfellows don’t you think?  Last year’s deathDSC03203with this year’s lifeDSC03202.  I long to see some green but it’s hardly anywhere to be found yetDSC03199.  The odd mixes of early spring prevail with these Mallards and Canadian Geese mixing it up at the pond behind our houseDSC03200.  Spring isn’t yet what I want it to be but until it is I offer you a Montana early spring bouquetDSC03201 .

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walking the Walk

Today I received a long awaited package.  Recently I sent a shoe design to Converse and they have been brining my design to realityDSC03192.  One of the most amazing blessings in my life has been working on the mission field abroad.  These shoes are to honor Ghana which forever changed me and helped me so much in my walk with Jesus Christ.  These shoes have the Ghanaian colors and are custom labeled “Black Star” after the Ghanaian black starDSC03193.  It seems a fitting symbol to literally walk in these shoesDSC03194.  It’s not that I need a shoe to remind me of all Africa has done for meDSC03195but I found it a fitting (pun intended) tribute to a nation, people and continent that I can never thank enough.  Before I close I thank you personally Joseph Biasie (Bishop, Pastor, friend, Bros! and Black Eagle)!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Molehills from Mountains

That’s just what we’ve got…well, figuratively speaking.  Fifties and even sixties are in our forecast…it’s very windy but it feels great!  The extreme weather has chewed up our roads…terrible potholes everywhere.  Most of the snow is gone or in massive retreat nowDSC03183.  I’m very glad to see it but it’s not all that pretty to look atDSC03184.  Still it gives me hope…spring is comingDSC03185.  Some of the remaining snow reminds me of the ice used to make snow conesDSC03186.  If the sixties truly arrive it’s goodbye to the snowDSC03187.  I’ll not shed a tear over that but I do wish it would green up someDSC03188.  For now I take comfort in the longer daysDSC03189.  Examining the buds is kind of fun though all but one today was tightly closedDSC03191.  The one open bud is a sign of spring and hope if I ever saw itDSC03190!  Be of good cheer!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is 3rd Time Ever the Charm?

I think I doubt that with snowDSC03165.  Not only did all the snow melt off after the last go ‘round but also the cold departed.  All too quickly it all came backDSC03166.  We’ve shoveled out several times (even Gabby has helped).  The snow mushrooms returned with a vengeanceDSC03167.  Hand rails went back to being snow railsDSC03168, the deck went back to being uselessDSC03169.  Is it beautiful?  I suppose it isDSC03170however who can stand out and enjoy it when it’s far below zeroDSC03171.  The thermometer is snow capped as if to capitalize the situationDSC03172.  It’s picturesque,  I can’t deny itDSC03173.  The trees are neatly decoratedDSC03174but I’m weary with whiteDSC03175and I’m ready to see the trees under the snowDSC03176.  I mean are these evergreens or ever whitesDSC03177?  I’m way done shoveling…though it’s been my only outdoor exercise latelyDSC03178.  I never realized we lived in the North PoleDSC03179…or is this Santa’s workshopDSC03180?  Today it’s much warmer…it’s all melting off again.  Does this mean that the sun has set on winter at lastDSC03181?  Whatever the case, ring the bell, I’m doneDSC03182.