Thursday, February 26, 2015

Icy Grip

I was hearing all about snow and cold in other places and was beginning to feel some hope.  We’ve avoided much of what others are getting.  Today winter has shown it’s not yet ready to circle down the drainDSC03743.  Old Man Winter doesn’t ask…he just pulls up a chair, sets the table and sits down when it suits himDSC03744.  He’s walked these steps beforeDSC03745.  Did we really think we’d broken out of his icy prisonDSC03746?  He mocks by sprinkling confectioner’s sugar on everythingDSC03747.  He prepares a cold barbecue nobody wantsDSC03748and wipes his frosty feet on our welcome matDSC03749.  He climbs the steps of our deck to view his handiworkDSC03750.  No one will eat his frosty treatsDSC03751.  He mischievously powders the evergreensDSC03752 in fact I half expect one of these pinecones to be tossed at the back of my head as I slowly walk back to a far warmer in doorsDSC03753.  The skeletal trees endure another shameful powderingDSC03754.  My last glimpse is of blue sky peaking out of wintery skiesDSC03755…there’s hope of warmer days out there.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valley of Dry Bones

Ezekiel 37: 3 – And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live?  And I answered, O Lord God, thou knowest.  This verse struck me today as I walked outsideDSC03728.  It was beautiful today…nearly seventy degrees but everywhere I looked the sleeping death of winter still prevailsDSC03729.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the green color of life visiting us againDSC03730.  The shell of season’s past remainsDSC03731.  The warmth breaths hope to these dead bonesDSC03732.  The reflections too are deadDSC03733but death’s grip won’t last…these reflections will also live againDSC03734.  Before long we can all say:  death where’s your sting?  I stand as a prophet heralding life though I stand alone todayDSC03735 .  Can these bones liveDSC03736?  Yes!  The ditch’s trickle will swell to strength againDSC03737.  Let the warmth thaw your faith again though the ground appear cold and dryDSC03738.  Breath in hopeDSC03739and let doubt’s shadow fadeDSC03740.  Where once there was life it shall be againDSC03741.  Who cannot have hope with Montana’s sapphire sky behindDSC03742 and God’s promises ahead?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another Meltdown

Yep, winter served up another helpingDSC03720but now the melting has begun.  Helping along this warm up is the winter Bat signalDSC03721.  It’s still morning but the constant drip of melting snow is already happeningDSC03722.  The grass is clawing its way out of the snow againDSC03723.  Rocks have begun to show themselves and are now eye balling anyone outsideDSC03724.  We own no cat but neighborhood felines passing is marked in melting snowDSC03725.  This melt off is sponsored by winter/spring Betty Crocker who’s presenting a powdered snow sponge cakeDSC03726.  The sun is about to break from its naked branched cageDSC03727.  There’s hope in this meltdown and I like it!