Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Few Days in My Life

Well Live Writer no longer functions on Blogger so my posts may get a lot simpler.  I finally got some new ear rings...boy has it been a while.  These are slightly bigger in gauge...12g to be exact
Going up a gauge can hurt but it didn't this time thankfully.  The biggest even of the day?  We got a beautiful new puppy
Her name is Maggie and she's a total joy to us.  She will mark my third Cocker Spaniel but my first party mix variety
We're working on her crate far so good
Our weather is off and on

 Admittedly I'm about rained out so the beautiful sun felt good and the skies are wonderful
The flowers are loving all sides of this weather
Look, the stairway to heaven
Well, that's it for's looking at you kid

Thursday, May 21, 2015

So Much Life

I woke up to an absolutely beautiful day today.  The sun is actually brightly shiningDSC03908.  Oh the blue skyDSC03909!  I’m so tired of gray right now.  Today there was so much that just screamed life…even the shadows from the trees reminded me of early summer days where I woke up to a new summer vacation as a boyDSC03910.  Frogs are very vocal in our local pondDSC03911.  The ditch is frequented by Mallards, Canadian Geese, Red Winged Blackbirds, Western Meadow Larks and PheasantsDSC03912…it’s a wonderful chorus line out there!  This pheasant stretched out to feel the morning sun and see what’s going onDSC03913…so beautiful.  Our backyard felt so alive this morningDSC03915.  The greens and blues of the day thrilled meDSC03916.  Marks of Gabby’s passing made me smileDSC03917.  The day’s new Pansies seemed to smile at meDSC03918and late spring symmetry made me feel at peaceDSC03919 .

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Fortunately I took some pictures before the May showers and gloom fell once againDSC03892.  I honestly don’t do well with days of gloom so today I figure focusing on the past brighter days is certainly in orderDSC03893.  Spring’s new growth is very upliftingDSC03894.  Hope seems to surround us this time of yearDSC03895.  I’m a big fan of the good in lifeDSC03896.  This year a Robin couple took up resentence in a formerly abandoned nest.  The mother seems quite suspiciousDSC03897.  Green is my favorite color and nothing beats spring greenDSC03898.  This is the leaf tunnel to our mail boxDSC03899.  Some other colors are out there tooDSC03900.  Montana’s ever present pine joins in spring celebrationDSC03901.  Yes, Dandelions are weeds but they always seem to remind me of childhood days gone byDSC03902.  New leaves are still popping out…hopefully the cold nights near freezing won’t hamper their growthDSC03903.  Mom got a little ornament for Mother’s DayDSC03904.  No gift could cover what a blessing she is to me.  Morning often brings unexpected visitors like this dragon fly drying itself from morning dewDSC03905.  Some faces are more beautiful than othersDSC03906.  As a kid we’d say:  “Don’t be a pansy.”  I don’t know…pansies look pretty amazing to meDSC03907!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

It’s a Zoo Out There

We visited Zoo Montana recently.  Sometimes I wonder who’s watching whoDSC03870.  Occasionally they bring animals out.  This time it was twin OpossumsDSC03872 .  I’ve never been this close to one let alone twoDSC03873.  Other animals aren’t so exoticDSC03874but I still like ‘em.  I meant this shot to be silhouetted…I think it worked more or lessDSC03875.  The sign said this turkey would bite…yikesDSC03876.  This rabbit dealt with the heat in styleDSC03877.  It was over eighty degrees and the bumble bees were hard at workDSC03878.  Who doesn’t like May flowersDSC03880?  Sit here on a hot day and get brandedDSC03881.  A kid climbed the fence and got bitten by wolves last year…where were the parentsDSC03882?  Red Panda on breakDSC03883.  Cotton Woods are always around somewhereDSC03884.  Last stop:  the Bald EaglesDSC03885.  Today at home was much, much cooler but still prettyDSC03887.  Likely we should bring our flowers in tonightDSC03888.  Robins are nesting deep in one of these trees outside our front doorDSC03890.  Here’s a final spring flower for yaDSC03891.