Thursday, June 25, 2015


We've been surrounded by severe weather lately
Watching this weather come in is pretty sobering
Fortunately our end of town has avoided the brunt all.  Mostly just rain for us which inspires me to get some pictures outside again
My flowers have been loving it
Truthfully it makes things so green and I like that so much
Yeah, I could use a spray bottle for shots like this but the are the real deal
I like reflective shots so...this happened
...and this...see me?
The storms eventually break up
There's hope in this for me every time
And then an even greater sign of hope
Note it's a double
Such a beautiful bow
Storms come and go
Some appear really violent
But eventually...
They break and fade leaving only hope and the promise.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Here's Looking At You

We found a beautiful turtle the other day...he's quite literally looking at you
Summer's approach is so wonderful to witness
The pond is so alive with frogs and birds
Note the handsome drake in the above picture.  This pond is such a joy to me
The view beyond is part of what I love so much about our state
The view may not be fancy but it's awesome to me
Simple pleasures they may be but I'm fine with that
Things like going out to witness amazing cloud formations always captures me
It brings me hope
There's enough dark clouds in about the silver lining
Our blue sky is so clean and bright
and the sunsets...
They cap the day beautifully

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dog Days of Almost Summer

It's nice out there...really nice.  There's been heat, lots of rain and the plants love this mushroom can attest
This big fellow was all alone in the front yard
My flowers are doing well too
Birds have been having many chicks...we've even found several eggshells
The sky is filled with awesome popcorn clouds
I love this time of year best of all
Not too hot, not too cold...just right
And where is the dog of this day?  Well, she's right here
At night the cloudy popcorn turns to brilliant hues
Evenings are alive with frogs and birds preparing to roost
If you're willing to wait the dying light is awesome
The end of another day God has made

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Storm Crow

They sometimes called prophets of doom storm crows
Often enough this was used mockingly
But in my experience it's a fool who doesn't heed a valid warning
I'd just as soon get early warnings
Sometimes early warnings are proven false and the storm goes out harmlessly but beautifully
Was the warning false or should we recognize we've blessedly dodged what could have been far worse
These super cells make for wonderful sunsets
Thankfully we weren't trampled by the power within
...and the storm crow prophecies on...