Thursday, April 24, 2014

If You Want to Make an Omelet…

…you have to break a few eggs.  Fortunately we weren’t making omelets, we were dying eggsDSC03225.  We tried something new this year.  We used Kool-Aid to dye the eggs this year.  There were plenty of flavors and colorsDSC03226.  Over all I was unimpressed with the resultsDSC03238but this one was about my favoriteDSC03239.  Only our youngest was searching for eggs this yearDSC03245.  My son helped me hide the eggsDSC03246while Gabby happily found them and told me if we did a good job hiding each one or notDSC03247.  Some eggs were plastic and filled with treats while others were just dyed eggs.  Either way it was a bucket load of eggsDSC03248.


Now the holiday is past, my dear wife just had her birthday and this morning bright and early she left for California for a bridal shower with her friend from work.  I feel kind of deflated…I already miss her.  The sun rise comforts meDSC03249…maybe this is where the proverbial egg gets brokenDSC03250.  If Love didn’t go this morning I’d have never seen itDSC03252.  She’ll be back in four days so I’ll pull close to the kids and take in the comfort God has to offerDSC03253.  Watching this black bird bribe his mate with nesting material made me thinkDSC03254absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

I was beginning to think the season would never act its age.  Finally we approach Easter with a day in the 70s predicted.  The blood moon behind us now (three more to go) we push onto the days ahead.  I’ve seen an eclipse like that…it was awesome but now it’s the warm sunshine I long to seeDSC03216.  The light looks more spring-like now but the warmth has been slow to bleed throughDSC03217.  There’s a magic to this time of year like no otherDSC03218.  Robins are birds some would call simple but I love themDSC03219.  The sunset’s red glare really capitalized this oneDSC03220.  What isn’t hopeful about thisDSC03221?  The buds are springing to life now tooDSC03222.  Dare we hope no for snow to be done now for a whileDSC03223?  Whatever may come…hope springs eternalDSC03224.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Short and Sweet

One of my favorite things about spring is the lengthening days.  Give me more sunlight any day!  The light these days has an almost surreal tintDSC03212.  The sun kisses the treetops and sky in a way that makes me feel like I’m in a wonderland of sortsDSC03213.  No wonder they call this Big Sky countryDSC03214!  We often burn candles to memorialize people or events.  The sun ignites the tree tops to remind us of spring’s welcome entranceDSC03215!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Chilly Beginning

We’ve had a cold start to springDSC03204.  Some people are considering warm weather treats like pop-sickles while we’re still experiencing ice-sicklesDSC03205…perhaps I should pluck them off and dip them in fruit juiceDSC03206.  Some are feelings the tender embrace of spring…me…well, I’m still sitting with old man winterDSC03207.  The bright side is that this path is still heading toward spring though it may not look much like it yetDSC03208.  The weather serves up icy dishes stillDSC03209but I see a break in it through the eyes of faithDSC03210.  Lift up your head, the breakthrough is closer than when we first believedDSC03211!