Thursday, January 29, 2015

Making Drifts Out of Snow Patches

This is akin to making mountains out of mole hills.  Nothing aggravates a situation like fear and doubt.  Negativity in fact is like jet fuel for trouble.  I’ve been so guilty of this.  Doubt plants gardens of difficulty while faith clears the path of progress.  I’m setting a determined path to cast my burdens on God for He cares for me.  I’ve been showcasing roller coasters we rode on in Busch Gardens to illustrate this point some.  The fear is from an illusion of danger…your mind runs wild telling you you’re in terrible danger yet over and over you go down the track as normal…you don’t die.  Could something happen?  Yes but fears often exaggerate the danger.  This particular ride pushes fear to the limit

.  It builds the fear…encourages doubts of personal safety.  The thrill of overcoming this draws me back again and again.  Should life be the same?  Fear immobilizes while faith empowers…I’d much rather face my fear than hide from it.  Victory is a rush!


Today is another beautiful dayDSC03711.  It’s crisp like early late fall or early springDSC03712.  The colors really pop…blue and greenDSC03713.  It’s a day belonging in a frame…sooo…DSC03714.  Hopefully you won’t think I’m a shady characterDSC03715but I predict better days ahead.  The drifts have shrunken downDSC03716.  The trees look artistic in their baronessDSC03717.  The sun is shining…what’s not to be encouraged aboutDSC03718?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Better by Half

Before we get rolling here (pun intended) I want to cover another amazing roller coaster we rode in Busch Gardens.  It’s known as Cheetah Hunt and is to date the fastest roller coaster I’ve ever ridden.  I had no idea what I was getting into when I first boarded it.  Check it out:  Cheetah Hunt


Today the weather is much improved.  We came home from Florida to the nasty aftermath of a long lasting winter stormDSC03705.  Now warmer temperatures are melting things off slowlyDSC03706.  I’m taking a glass half full approach hereDSC03707.  It’s all in how you look at it after allDSC03708.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to see more out our basement windows soonDSC03709.  Our sandstone boulders are making their move and peaking out…it’s good to seeDSC03710!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Life’s a Theme Park…What’s Your Theme?

Well, we’re finally back from Florida.  This is the first time I covered a whole trip via my iPhone and Face Book.  Mostly I liked doing that and would likely do it again regardless of where we go.  We’re big theme park people.  Thrill rides we enjoy as a family.  I want to showcase a few here that we rode for kicks.  The first one I’ll cover is one of the scariest rides I’ve ever ridden.  335 drop…face down at highway speeds!  It’s called Falcon’s Fury.  Watch if you dare:  It’s a breath taking view followed by breath taking terror followed by ecstasy (for me).  Finishing you’re just glad to be alive! 


Returning home I began to reflect and dig through the few pictures from my camera that I didn’t yet shareDSC03693 .  American alligators in Busch Gardens laze all day in the sunDSC03694.  The animals nearby show no fearDSC03695.  I guess they know these guys are lazy and well fedDSC03696.  Home put out a different welcome mat then we’ve been used to for the last three weeksDSC03697.  Here a beginning thaw has startedDSC03698and I guess I’m glad we can at least see the welcome matDSC03699.  There’s a long thaw out ahead I’d sayDSC03700.  The winter sun is doing its best right nowDSC03701but the view outside our basement windows is pretty limited stillDSC03702.  Methinks the air conditioner won’t be needed for awhileDSC03703


Life is kinda like a theme park…choose your them…for me I choose God’s which is ever so much better than my own.  My themes are fraught with worries, fears, doubts etc.  His theme is filled with hope, faith,,,enduring love unchanged by circumstance.  It makes no difference if you’re a lazy gator or a tiger salamanderDSC03704.  You’re unique in God’s eyes and loved by Him….choose your theme carefully.