Friday, January 29, 2016


Looking back I see then end of an era in my life.  Like a left over leaf from fall last year I can see it but it dead and gone
This may appear bleak on the surface but with the letting go of the past a new life awaits ahead.  I like to buy necklaces with meaning...this one means live for today
...the past is dead.  Our house is filled with momentos of our past travels.  One spot is all about Japan
It tweaks so many memories
Another place has gift boxes I've received of various sizes
Here hangs a dagger bought in the Philippines
There's  a mask bought in Ghana
A fellow mask bought in the same place
These things echo of past experiences but ahead lies unknown water...uncharted...unexpected.  From there God not afraid, only trust and obey.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Life Gives Snow...Make a Snow Cone

Child like faith is just plain beautiful.  Small wonder Christ mentions it highly.  My youngest has simple yet powerful faith which transforms what my adult mind is tired of into art.  She made a swirly snow pop with some food coloring and water.  The transformation delighted me
Want to see green again?  Adult mind says you can't, it's winter.  Child-like faith says it's totally possible. 
Adult doubt says winter sun is too bright and doesn't warm anyone much.  Child-like faith sees it for the beauty it is
Adult mind:  when will leaves come back again?  Child-like faith:  It's beautiful now
Adult mind:  the light at the end of the tunnel is likely a freight train coming our way.  Child-like faith:  it's the silver lining we've heard about
Lately some books have really been helping me out
I need to see things with child-like faith...not adult cynicism.  My little girl helps me do just that.  If it's cloudy she creates not just sun but a reflection until a brighter day appears
Amen to that!

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Have you ever felt winter's blast would last forever?  January and February sometimes seem the coldest and most eternal but even so the days are getting longer and the countdown to spring is ticking away
More snow may indeed fall yet winter will eventually have to let go
Like it or not the season is progressing
The ice is not eternal any more than anything else in this old world
As the grass makes a brief glance at the latest thaw
I consider my faith peeking through doubt's facade
What side to choose?  Doubt's fading reign or Christ the eternal rock
We can be little stones triumphantly poking through doubt to stand or fade like the fading season's snow
Looking back I see a me I no longer know.  I choose to make this a new beginning.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Dawning of a New Day

Things might look like last year but last year is dead and gone.  This song struck me...a whole new attitude for this year of resolve.  Today is  a snow day of sorts.  My faithful computer is beckoning
Music is there to stir my weary soul
Maggy stirs my from my reverie to go out
Out here there's no place to sit comfortably
There are beauties to this bleak world
Sometimes you need to look closely to see it
No roses to stop and smell but there's beauty still
Underneath this bleak blanket
Lies unseen promise of new growth tomorrow.  The question remains:  will our faith today be there to water tomorrow's blessings?

Friday, January 1, 2016

It's Resolved

What's resolved you may ask?  Well by faith the problems of 2015.  We end the year my favorite way with my daughter Gabby's birthday.  We went out to eat, went shopping and saw the latest Star Wars.  Later in spite of the cold we lit some fireworks and ushered in 2016.  The cold of 2015 lingers
but the table of 2016 isn't set by last year's trouble no matter how it seems
Rise to the challenges of a new year unencumbered by last year's misery.  Ascend these steps with hope
No matter the time or temperature...God has given us this year
See past the branches of doubt that attempt to claw you
The chill of fear cannot face faith and win
This year's grace is ever green
Winter's landscape will fall behind
God's word will continue to light our way
Look beyond your confines
Be not framed by this world
May the expression of God's faithfulness push away death's chill