Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dying Echoes

Sounds kind of scary doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not so scary…more mildly melancholy.  The sign that summer is really pretty much over is our fairDSC02752 .  This year it was really nice because we received free entry thanks to my Dad’s work place giving tickets away…it was a festive thingDSC02753.  It was so nice having a little extra money in the fairDSC02754.  Things are always expensive but this gave us some extra for rides and foodDSC02755.  Not having to wonder how we’d cough up tickets for rides was niceDSC02756.  Stuff toys beckonDSC02757…rides beg to be ridden and here Mike and Gabby obligeDSC02758.  So much to doDSC02759and so much to seeDSC02760.  Gabby was far more adventurous this year and joined her older brother and sister on Moby DickDSC02761.  Still the kid’s roller coaster remains one of her favoriteDSC02762.  She’s growing up now…I know, so I cherish these momentsDSC02763.  I don’t usually join the kids on these rides…though in Disneyland and world and Universal I sure didDSC02764.  I like being thrilled by a ride…not getting sickDSC02765.  How about a gunny sack and a big slideDSC02766?  How about a catapultDSC02767?  I like the vivid colors and tentsDSC02768even if I don’t play the games myselfDSC02769.  Gabby loves the stuffed toysDSC02770.  The petting zoo was fun too.  These miniature goats were hilariousDSC02774!  Next we watched a  dog and pig raceDSC02776.  These seemed like such good old fashioned ways to enjoy our time.  We also got into the rodeo free which was a lot of funDSC02777.  We felt like these were our kind of people…down home down to earth people.  The clown was good but didn’t have to work too hard fortunatelyDSC02778.  Plenty of other acts like these trained dogs who were all rescuesDSC02780.  This is classic rodeo stuffDSC02779.  I’m glad for the kids to experience itDSC02783.  They even had some amazing trained bullsDSC02784.  Night was coming on nowDSC02785and soon the rodeo finished upDSC02786and we headed back to our carDSC02787but not before glancing back while eating our funnel cakes wondering if we’ll get to enjoy the fair next yearDSC02788.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Season of Harvest.

Some relish the crisp air, the change of colors on the leaves and are happy but me?  Well, I often look ahead to bitter cold, often enough snow to make going anywhere miserable…and cold, did I say cold?  I’m a solar powered person I don’t like short days either.  Judging my options here makes things clear:  enjoy the day or be depressed…I chose to enjoy the season…there’s fruit for each one really…spiritually for sure.  Our peppers are showing real progress againDSC02741.  They don’t seem depressed at winter’s distant approach…these produce their own heat even if the days are cooling downDSC02742.  There’s a lesson to be learned here.  Attitude from within can make what’s going on without a lot more tolerableDSC02743.  The flowers aren’t any less bright todayDSC02744.  No, they are blessed for today…openly showing their joyDSC02747.  The pods behind our fence insist on living day by dayDSC02748.  Thistles take it a step further…protecting their blooms with an ‘I dare you’ attitudeDSC02749.  I like what there is to learn out there.  The still small voice is speaking to anyone willing to listenDSC02750.  Bloom today for tomorrow will take care of itselfDSC02751.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

When the Storms Come

Here in Montana extremes in weather are the normDSC02728.  They roll in and out frequently with some being quite severe…even tornadic while others simply look amazing and do very littleDSC02729.  Usually our severe weather season is from the 2nd week of June through July.  This year we had some surprisingly strong storms in SeptemberDSC02730.  They came and very quickly hit us hard then past off to the eastDSC02731.  The evening light made them particularly spectacular to witnessDSC02733.  The lightning was intense as was the wind, rain and hailDSC02734.  Some places were hit quite hard but for us it was just an intense showDSC02737.  Seeing the paper the next day cover what some endured let me know just how blessed we were.  Some really suffered while for us it was merely a passing thingDSC02738.  Leaving in its sullen way off to the east to trouble someone elseDSC02739.  I stand humbled by God’s protection and faithfulness to us.  Remember the storms of life that pass you byDSC02740are often the destruction of other people.  Thank God for grace!