Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

Many people have had days of thanks before Thanksgiving but for me the little things I don’t necessarily expect that pop up and surprise me each day naturally bless me the most of all.  Getting up today to the smell of turkey cooking flooded my mind with memories of Thanksgivings past.  My dear grand parents now past away made wonderful delights.  I’m thankful for each time we had them with us on Thanksgiving.  Waiting on dinner brought my attention to our various things we’ve gathered from travels abroadDSC02905.  I’ve spent Thanksgiving in tiny and remote villages away from home…it’s good to be home now and remember those days from here with my family todayDSC02906.  My wife is Filipino and is a wonderful cook.  My mother and she made food this year againDSC02907.  .  Nothing not American classic for us today.  Ah, the stuffingDSC02908.  Stomachs full and food put away makes me now able to look forward to Christmas.  I don’t like to get into it before Thanksgiving is even past…now we begin with an ornament showcase.  We’ve a good variety…some of which are little girl specificDSC02911.  Some reflect my wife’s love of photographyDSC02912.  Others are classic through and throughDSC02913.  A few look good enough to eatDSC02914.  Some are patrioticDSC02915.  A couple show the Asian side of our familyDSC02916…another you might try to open before ChristmasDSC02917.  One even reflects my Dad’s fishing abilityDSC02918.  This one reminds me of the every crowing roosters in the PhilippinesDSC02919.  Here’s one that could be hung on the 4th of JulyDSC02920.  This looks like ribbon candy that my grandpa on Mom’s side of the family used to dearly loveDSC02921.  I’d say this may reflect me someDSC02922.  Look, a ginger bread man…don’t try to eat him thoughDSC02923.  This could reflect either me or my kidsDSC02924.  What would Christmas be without lady libertyDSC02925.  Here we find a warm cabinDSC02926.  Not sure where this knight came from but I like himDSC02927.  It’s now fairly warm but later on I may wish this hearth was realDSC02928.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

It Came, I Saw but I Wouldn’t Say It Conquered

Our annual breakfast with Santa came and went.  Santa swept through like a snow flurry but my favorite part was Gabby with the US Marines who were there for Toys for TotsDSC02896…thank you Marines…for all you do!  Christmas came a little early for us in another way.  We’d missed the opportunity to pre-order a Playstation 4 and thought we’d likely have to wait a long time to get one.  There was a 24 hour hold on the ones they did get for those that didn’t pick up what they’d ordered.  I decided to take my daughter and try our luck.  Miracles happen…we got oneDSC02894!  It’s an amazing machine I have to admit…good times!  We sold our XBox 360 and all games to do this…I think it’s worth it!  On other news an arctic front passed throughDSC02897…yep, it snowed and boy did it get cold…a forty degree drop!  It’s supposed to warm up a lot this weekend…we’ll see.  I took some snow picturesDSC02898…there are a few leaves still holding on…how I don’t know.  It’s a winter wonderlandDSC02899.  I like the windswept rocks poking through the snowDSC02900.  I guess we won’t be needing the air conditioning huhDSC02901?  Old Man Winter pulled up a chairDSC02903…care to join him at the table for something cold to drinkDSC02904?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weapon Showcase

Admit it you didn’t expect that title.  I didn’t either frankly but it’s been…well, ugly outside…not bad temperatures…quite the contrary…it’s nice but the leaves are done outside…so it’s like a wasteland between fall and winter.  This made me think of current events…the Philippines comes to mind.  You may know my wife of eighteen years is a Filipino.  You also likely have heard of the tragic storm in the Philippines…the largest typhoon ever recorded.  We were relieved to hear our family survived but they lost everything…they have just the clothes on their backs…some don’t even have a pair of slippers.  Samaritan’s Purse and many others are part of relief efforts but who knows how long it will take and if things will ever function again…10,000 dead?  It’s a disaster of epic proportions.  I’ve been to the city that we have no been hearing but most of my time in Leyte was spent in other areas…some of the most memorable missionary journeys I’ve had in my life have been there.  This hits very close to home. 

What has all this to do with my title?  I’m an avid weapon collector and some of the best I’ve ever found has been in the Philippines.  Most I’ve found have been in little shops in Davao City where much of our family lives.  This is one of my most prizedDSC02880 .  The scabbard alone made this a must have for me.  Note the tiny bells on itDSC02881.  It also has wonderful beadwork and horse hairDSC02882.  The hilt is carved woodDSC02883.  The blade is razor sharp and quite functionalDSC02884.  Another point of interest is the detailing on the blade itselfDSC02885.  I have been in a jungle or two where this would have been nice.  This other blade I’m showing to contrast style…this one is African, Ghanaian to be specificDSC02886.  I love Ghanaian leather workDSC02887.  The blade is also razor sharp and deadlyDSC02888.  Last another prized Filipino daggerDSC02889.  This one is mounted for the wall but it is covered with great detailDSC02890.  Horsehair and beadwork again adorn the scabbardDSC02891.  This blade is meant to be used in combat but for me it’s all about the artworkDSC02892.  Hope  you enjoyed a little glance at my collection.  Please remember the Philippines in prayer.  I can’t recommend Samaritan’s Purse enough if you desire to give.  Blessings to you all.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mish Mash

That’s just what this is today.  No leaves left…no snow to speak of…it ain’t pretty out there.  What should I do?  Well, I have been wanting to take some pictures of some bottles we bought for Lovely.  We found them at the candy store of all placesDSC02869.  You might be thinking they would have suited an October post betterDSC02870.  You’re probably right but seeing as how my options are limited I’ll show case these nowDSC02871.  The labels on these things are pricelessDSC02872.  Ever heard of snake oil?  How about love potion #9 or the elixir of lifeDSC02873?  Yeah, we’ve got ‘em all!  Never mind they’re empty.  Closer examination of these labels makes me glad they came to us emptyDSC02874!  These things are pricelessDSC02875!  Dragon blood?  Who knew it existedDSC02876!  LOL!  Eye of newt…you mean it’s realDSC02877?  Too bad this was empty…maybe I’d still look like I was only 21DSC02878!  Yep, a close up of good ‘ol love potion #9DSC02879…perhaps this is why I was able to marry a girl the caliber of my wife!