Thursday, January 31, 2013

Being Roomless Provides a View

There are times when thinking in a box is attributed with being Conservative however I don’t believe this to be true at all.  Being Conservative to me is much like being a Republic.  It’s not that you don’t move forward, it’s that you move forward with principles.  I don’t believe this hinders progress, I believe it brings forward values that keep us strong while staying away from that which does us harm.  I will never believe that the end justifies the means and if that’s your idea of progress you need to see where this thinking has brought those that followed such ideas in the past.  If you’re progressive…ask yourself where you’re progressing to and from…it matters.  Cryptic?  Well, it’s where my mind has been. 

I’ve seen a return to winter weather once againDSC02281.  It has a beauty of it’s own but I have to leave the comfort of my home to really appreciate itDSC02282.  There were no comforts outside.  Fact is there was no chair that I’d want to sit inDSC02283but the beauty was worth seeing…and because I brought my principle with me…in this case my camera…I could share the beauty with you all where you don’t have to feel the bite in the airDSC02285.  The sky has a wonderful blue here usually but the white contrast made it all the more spectacularDSC02286.  I love the view from the back yard…I wish sometimes I had a big wall picture of it yet if I did maybe I wouldn’t want to come out and see it as it changes with the seasonsDSC02287.  It’s actually been warm enough this winter that I’m quite spoiled…since when have I ever considered anything above zero cold?  I love when the brilliant winter sun silhouettes the trees this wayDSC02288and I also love when the snow sticks to the branchesDSC02289.  The snow can make things appear like they belong in a snow globeDSC02290.  The stones in the yard look like Mexican wedding cookiesDSC02291and the evergreens have a dusting that looks much like confectioner’s sugar…or am I just hungryDSC02292?  This tree is one of my favoritesDSC02293.  I’m very glad we have vinyl fence…the weathering would quickly destroy it after a couple years like we’ve hadDSC02294.  Some neighbors have wooden fences that were put up just last year that are already showing weathering however ours remains strong…even in the powerful wind we get up here in the HeightsDSC02295.  The truth is I will never get tired of this viewDSC02296.  I love the shadows, I love the white and blue…I love it allDSC02297.  I still have to admit that though the sugar of winter might look sweetDSC02298but I like the feel of warmer seasons far more!  If you venture out of your comfort zone…which I hope you do…don’t forget to bring your principles with you…that doesn’t make you closed minded…it makes you wise.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

An Excursion

As many of you know my wife is a photographer…not like me who just likes to take pictures with my little point and shoot to share things on my blog, she is a professional who actually works with a magazine here in town.  I don’t often go with her on her outings to take pictures but this time I was invited and took her up on it.  I had been taking pictures of an occasional sunset or twoDSC02250.  It’s actually been warmer however it feels really chill especially when the wind comes up but there are times when it’s more than worth it to capture God’s evening pictureDSC02251.  Getting an invite to go and take some pictures indoors was kind of nice and I just can’t beat the company of my wife.  We used my i-touch to navigate to the little truck stop where we Lovely was to take pictures.  It was chilly but not as bad as it could be…I think I’m spoiled from a mostly easy winter…it still feels cold to meDSC02252.  The truck stop is near a little town called Laurel.  This is a farming community and you’re never far from the classic things from Montana history…even at gas stations or truck stopsDSC02253.  I really do love this stateDSC02254.  The truck stop has a little restaurant and a store with various items that I found really interesting.  Check out these hand bags:  DSC02255.  This place also had some custom made boots that were unlike any I’ve ever seenDSC02258.  There were belts that were really decked outDSC02259.  Some of the items were food or coffee relatedDSC02260.  The classic combo of course was the bootsDSC02261and the hatsDSC02262.  I am sure some of these things tasted greatDSC02263.  I’m a big spice lover and I certainly like coffee so this was a blast for meDSC02264.  Some of this stuff just was about as stereo typical I suppose but I still like itDSC02268.  The boots were on sale.  Buy a pair get a cheaper pair freeDSC02271.  I thought it was kind of a good idea to have the classic items mixed with more contemporary fashionDSC02272.  How about you?  Would you try a pair of theseDSC02273?  I have to admit I’m a Montanan but I’ve not had a pair of boots since I was a little kid…not sure I’d ever buy something like this but Lovely thought they were amazingDSC02274.  We finished the photo shoot…the owner and workers there were really nice but it was time to head out to get something to eat at our favorite restaurantDSC02276.  We like to try something new each time we go and this time was no exceptionDSC02277.  Finally we made it home in time for another sunsetDSC02278.  The snow is mostly melted once again but the chill breeze still keeps it coldDSC02279.  I am very glad for our outing…everyone needs that once in a while!  Now I’m back behind my familiar viewDSC02280but I’m equipped with some new memories…it’s nice!  Have a great day!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Melt is On

The warmth returned some and started to melt off some of the snow but with it came wind that doesn’t make the increased temperatures very pleasantDSC02243.  I really will be happy to have things warm enough where we can go out to our little patio in the back yard and see more than brown grass and melting snowDSC02244.  Some of the snow melted a bit and then froze so I expect it will be with us for quite a whileDSC02245.  The lava rocks help the melting process and leave some interesting pock marks in the remaining snowDSC02246while a visiting kitty left paw prints to show of his or her passingDSC02247.  I love the little islands of snow remaining on our sandstone rocks…it makes me think that before too long we may see that winter is surrounded and on the way outDSC02248.  For now the paw print of winter remains and I don’t see it leaving just yetDSC02249.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It’s Coming…

I knew it couldn’t last forever, It’s been very warm and mostly snow free.  All that was left was a little snow from ChristmasDSC02242.  I was looking at it and thinking we were doing pretty good…maybe I’ll be mowing in February if this keeps upDSC02241.  I saw a winter weather watch come up…then it turned to a warning saying we may get around ten inches of snow and the frigid weather I hate so much.  I can feel the approach of this storm already…the sky has that look it gets when a storm approaches as wellDSC02239.  The wind has really come up so I figure this thing really is inevitable nowDSC02240.  If this thing really plays out I may have a whole different world to share with you in pictures next week.  For now we wait and see what is in store.  Sometimes I think waiting is what makes us…that’s the time when faith really shines.  It’s easy to degrade to worry but if we give to that we miss the strength that can come from difficulty.  Looking at some vases we have that I really like made me think about thisDSC02237.  We spend so much time wanting to know what’s on the other side…what’s inside the package but like these vases that’s not where the beauty lies.  Sometimes we need to appreciate the wrapping…the faith it takes to make the beauty of who we are to come later to appreciate the whole picture.  The vase needs the outside to be able to hold whatever you want to put inside itDSC02238and I think faith makes us what we’re meant to be so God can put His blessings inside us as well.