Thursday, October 25, 2012

The March of Seasons

I didn’t have my usual formula for getting my pictures today.  I actually spread my pictures out over a couple days and the change to me is obvious.  Is was cool and nice when I started and now it’s snowing.  I knew that the change was on the way…it’s been quite cool and rainy latelyMarch of the Seasons 001.  When there’s a lot of moisture in the air and it’s struggling to stay in the forties…I know what will soon follow.  I find leaves in the rain kind of sad somehowMarch of the Seasons 002but I also kind of like it…all I need is some blues playing softly in the background.  There’s a look to the prairie beyond our backyard gets when I know fall is about done…it’s really got that look right nowMarch of the Seasons 003.  The red leaves on the trees in our front yard are gone now so I’m focusing on the fallen gold from the formerly awesome trees in the backyardMarch of the Seasons 004.  The mornings were frosty enough so the water drops were solid and that wasn’t the look I wanted to captureMarch of the Seasons 005.  The deck is covered with leaves laying down for the last time this yearMarch of the Seasons 006and the sky looks like it could either rain or snowMarch of the Seasons 007.  Soon there won’t be a golden leaf left on the treesMarch of the Seasons 008and the view will be filled with the white blanket called snowMarch of the Seasons 009but for now I have the last hurrah of fall to enjoyMarch of the Seasons 010.  I’ve never seen such a glorious gold but now it’s tinged with rustMarch of the Seasons 011.  The flaws of morning frosts are beginning to show nowMarch of the Seasons 012.  Suddenly the fringes of fall are looking winteringMarch of the Seasons 013and the table that was set for fall now sees the table cloth of snow that we knew would comeMarch of the Seasons 014.  The railings that were hot to the touch all summer now have the bite of coldMarch of the Seasons 015.  Now we march on with the season and only God knows where these steps leadMarch of the Seasons 017.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Falling Down

I’ve been quite weary with politics lately, it seems it can be the most divisive thing in the whole world and with social media you can say what you want with little thought or consequence.  It’s times like that when I find comfort in a kinder  space that is my blog.  I was able to go out and enjoy the fall scenery again.  I wasn’t sure if it would happen since the wind has been horrendous for the last couple of days.  We have some beautiful trees right now but I thought they would be bald as can be by the time I got out there.  We have a storm drain that has seen virtually no action this year but the wind brought it some visitorsBlown Away 001.  The golden light of fall is one of the most wonderful things.  Morning is a delightful time to capture itBlown Away 002.  My very favorite tree almost glows when it’s contrasted with the brilliant blue skyBlown Away 003.  Gold leaves are the order of the day around here…it’s really quite breathtakingBlown Away 004.  Our deck is elevated well above the ground and the amazing trees are right next to the railingBlown Away 005.  Surprisingly the leaves have mostly been blown away rather than left in annoying piles on our yardBlown Away 006.  The front of our house is guarded by trees with very different fall colorsBlown Away 007…such a drastic change from the greens of spring and summer!  This morning the grass was crisp as it can get from frost.  The differing temperatures rolled leaves that remained…looks like fall cigars to meBlown Away 008.  I love how leaves from different trees can congregate together…seems like nature’s jigsaw puzzleBlown Away 009.  Finally a backward glance before going back insideBlown Away 010.  Life is beautiful…don’t let anything make it ugly for you.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Few and Far Between

I’m thinking I definitely should have gone out sooner when we had a little snow to take some pictures.  I was honestly bummed to see snow so early and opted out of it thinking another opportunity would arise instead the snow is gone, the gloom is back and it’s in the thirties which leaves me anything but excited to be outside to see everything droopy and brown.  I didn’t take long out there, I have to admit it.  I quickly took the cue that the ducks gave me and leftFew and Far Between 001.  What’s going on in our house then you ask?  I know this is the burning question in your mind!  Well, we’ve been making some cookiesFew and Far Between 002.  Gabby has been involved so the production line has been rather vigorousFew and Far Between 003.  I have to say after one I felt that I’d had my sugar rush for the yearFew and Far Between 004.  I know this is short but I hope it was sweet…if not take another look…was it sweet enough nowFew and Far Between 005?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leaving the Gloom

There have been some pretty big changes lately.  One large change has been in the weather which went from highs in the eighties to the forties…just like that.  I was just out a few days ago taking pictures of a surprising mushroomOut of the Gloom 001.  I say surprising because up to this point it’s been so hot and dry (six inches behind normal) that I could hardly believe a mushroom of this side would be flourishingOut of the Gloom 002.  I admit this thing may not be as large as the picture suggests but still considering all things it is was quite largeOut of the Gloom 003.  Today I went out hoping I would see something that would cheer me up about the weather change…it was soggy but I love the view so muchOut of the Gloom 004. Fall isn’t quite as colorful here as it is in some places but I really do have an appreciation for what we do get to enjoyOut of the Gloom 005 .  I would have enjoyed the sound of silence and scenery more without the neighbor’s dog barking at me and Gabby.  On the bright side it made me move to different spots for some different views than usualOut of the Gloom 006.  Soon the irrigation ditch will be empty and there will be no leaves to be seenOut of the Gloom 007and white will be the dominating color and it will be much, much colder.  For now I have a lot of brown and yellow to seeOut of the Gloom 008.  The tree line will be barren soon so for now I rejoice in what I’ve gotOut of the Gloom 009.  The pond will be mostly water free and what remains will be frozen…so again I rejoice in today’s viewOut of the Gloom 010.  I took a few more pictures as I turned back toward homeOut of the Gloom 011.  I began to think of the value of what I’ve gotOut of the Gloom 012and once again I find that the gloom has to make way when I’m grateful to God for all He’s done in the here and nowOut of the Gloom 013.