Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Less Traveled Path

Some paths are safer than othersDSC03457.  Some you walk for the peace they bringDSC03458.  Drinking in the scenery and sense of calmDSC03459.   Other paths are less familiar and have strangers lurking thereDSC03460.  These paths take greater effort to travelDSC03461.  These paths seem less safeDSC03462.  Here you can’t travel as you did on the safe pathDSC03463.  No vehicles are allowed here…it’s just your feet and youDSC03464.  The rough route provides a sense of accomplishment just getting thereDSC03465.  Sometimes a sense of danger heightens your awarenessDSC03466 and makes you appreciate what you’ve got right in front of youDSC03467.  Vision seems sharperDSC03468and sounds more evidentDSC03469.  I like this path but it’s time to head back down the mountainDSC03470.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A journey Beyond the Fence Posts

As comforting as fences may be…going beyond them is where the adventure liesDSC03446.  You can often feel the danger in the distance…bears both Grizzly and Black we’ve seen every year but to stay totally safe you miss the beauty out thereDSC03447.  Farms belie the scene…it’s not all tame out hereDSC03448.  The orderly bales are right next to untamed wildernessDSC03449.  Look beyond the pine veilDSC03450!  There’s treasures to see near and farDSC03451.  I love wild flowersDSC03452and I love the mountainsDSC03453.  Montana’s mountainsDSC03454…oh, how I enjoy themDSC03455.  Sometimes I envy the majestic trees standing vigil over this sceneryDSC03456.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Life moves at a different pace out here.
It’s hard to believe there’s wars and rumors of wars.
It's like the games of politics don't even exist.
There's not much to separate us from God here.
The timeless cycles of life go on without  asking if it’s okay.
 It’s a simple beauty to witness.
Yet a profound wisdom lies here in God’s creation.
 A quiet understanding in the voice of a brook.
 Something divine in a little girl’s thrill with a butterfly.

 Before there were ever man made signs this beauty existed.

 Yes, there’s something to learn here.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cabin Fever

We had our annual cabin get away.  I’ve heard of short & sweet but this seemed to exemplify that on both ends to an extent I’ve never seen it beforeDSC03423.  Gabby and the kids always love this time awayDSC03424.  The kids make everything more fun and the beautiful scenes minister to us all so muchDSC03425.  Montana has a feel to it unlike any place I’ve ever beenDSC03426.  Here pasture and mountain meet with a delightful embraceDSC03427.  This time there were no cows lowing in the distanceDSC03428.  Our walks had only our quiet talk and birds breaking the silenceDSC03429.  Only Brown-Eyed Susans observed our passageDSC03430.  The farmers already rolled their hayDSC03431and the local weeds have gone to seedDSC03432.  How I miss the place already!