Thursday, September 24, 2015

Through the Smoke and Fire

There's life after smoke but for a while there it didn't seem like it
Everything was seen through a thick haze
It kind of looked apocalyptic
or like when Mt. Saint Helens blew its lid when I was young
The ash arrived in our state a day later and it looked sort of like this
Fortunately the smoke didn't bother my eyes or lungs as it did some
Now we appreciate wind blowing it all away
It's a brighter day now
But many days of smoke are still in our memoriess


  1. I love how you find beauty in every situation, Joe. Your photos are gorgeous!

    1. It's all faith my friend truly. Life is very tough just now.

  2. Fire is funny..... it is nature's way cleansing, yet it is a dangerous bath and causes lots of aches. I love the smoke for great sunsets and sunrises yet I know it is full of heartaches. keep the filters clean and yours .....

    1. Well put man's blessing may be another's curse.

  3. Smoke's in skys was still beautiful your photos are very frustrating gorgeouse stories of
    your's.Have a nice time Joe!