Thursday, September 3, 2015


Sometimes to see what God has for you there must be a departure from where you're at.  Phrases like "leap of faith" or "leaving your comfort zone" come to mind but frankly I find those phrases annoying.  Faith is a step into the unknown however you phrase it.  We left our comfy cabin to travel down the road further
I'm always glad for 4 wheel drive on this road
We usually travel here as dusk falls to avoid some of the day's heat
I love the light and lengthening shadows
Trees seem taller
The forest more intimidating during this time of day
Variations of color capture my eye quicker
Some leaves appear to herald fall's approach
But the fading sun still whispers summer
The wildflowers are still in their hayday
They care nothing of impending seasonal change
These Blue Bells relish their moment
This is beyond man's worry and concern
Here is an place not carrying where the road ends....this is simply beyond where little girls enjoy the end of another summer day


  1. I enjoy the evening drives, they are as pleasant as your pictures. Also tend to see lots of wildlife that time of day.

    1. The best of times and places John.

  2. Replies
    1. I've only enough pictures for one more entry. That always makes me sad. Until next year I guess.

  3. So amazing! All your pictures really make me want to go for a hike there! :)

    1. It's one of the most peaceful places on earth. I've been here during both troubled and good times and I can testify of its amazing healing power.