Thursday, October 1, 2015

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

It's acting more life fall today.  Cooler with some rain.  Some critters love this tiny frog
The plants love it too
It may look gloomy but it's necessary and unavoidable
The cicadas quiet down when it's's one who didn't get the memo...look closely
Spider's traps are much more visable
But I think they're fat enough anyway
Golden Orb Weavers have endless energy to make web
When their labor is through they just sit and wait
The sun sometimes struggles...we didn't even see it today
It's really spider season
They help keep the wasps in check at least
Hang in their before long it will be a brighter day


  1. I am loving the rain and cooler temperatures as well, Joe! And I love that tiny frog!!!

  2. The one I was trying to photograph took off like she was in a race and got into a tight ball under a leaf!