Thursday, September 10, 2015

The End of an Era

Yes, this is the end of my Meyer Creek cabin pictures this year.  It's a peaceful end
I've learned to appreciate what I've got since it's not always there tomorrow
Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder
But if you see only the negative even beautiful things can lose their luster

Arrogance and presumption isn't pretty
Humility is a wonderful lens in which to view life
Or last days gave us a visitor or two
They were cautious yet comical
The leader checked us out then the others proceeded to take a dust bath in the road ahead of us
So amusing to watch
The sun sets on this year's trip but the sun still rises on the blessing of God today


  1. so cool.... summers farewells bring us autumns greetings

    1. Right now summer is making a resurgence but I feel fall.

  2. Fall certainly came here the last few days. Very cool temps it feels like OCTOBER. Glad our leaves here are still green and some summer is still hanging on. Enjoyed your photos.

    1. We hit the 90s tomorrow...relish it while we can huh?