Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Pre-Easter Bunny

I’ve been tied up lately.  The things I’ve been involved with have been most unpleasant.  As anyone knows life is life that…fraught with good and bad.  Today decisions had to be made so I was involved in the process.  Lives were effected and now I must live with this.  You cannot un-spill milk nor un-cry tears…grace Lord.  Justice is one of those noble things we discuss but don’t often get the chance to meet it out in the place of real power.  Concepts are one thing…actions requiring principle often quite another.  Consider the life, sacrifice and resurrection of Christ.  He epitomized all God stands for…He lived for it, died for it, rose again for it.  How I respect this in Jesus.  Never was He about faith without works.  I warm myself tonight in the light of Jesus’ example.  Just when things seem dark the light often makes itself blessedly known.  Feeling dark today here before Easter I saw something that lifted my spirits so.  I saw a rabbit…still as can be…hoping its stillness made it invisibleDSC03822.  This token of peace warms me on a cold and windy day.


  1. Replies
    1. That was a cute one, stayed there for the longest time.

  2. Amen to Our Lord and all he gives and all he takes and the lessons I have learned.

    I saw a Rabbit last week and I was in shock of how close it came to me when I called it like you call a cat. Lovely word and photo. Keep the faith and grace.

    1. That rabbit was a treat...yes, very close too. Blessings Lisa.