Thursday, April 16, 2015

Led Beside Still Waters

After hitting eighty degrees it cooled way down and rained for a whole day.  Today we dry off again and warm up someDSC03836.  Nothing fills me with joy like a Montana sapphire skyDSC03837and few things give me as much hope as the returning leavesDSC03838.  Walking out my door to this always gives me hopeDSC03839.  But give credit to the pines…they stayed green all winter longDSC03842.  Sun’s first and last light is always specialDSC03843.  Cat Tails point the wayDSC03844…and in a group they’re hard to ignoreDSC03845.  Today no gloom makes me feel trappedDSC03846.  Here’s looking at you kidDSC03847.  Yeah, there’s hope out here today…call it a weed if you wantDSC03848.  I’m led by still waters todayDSC03849.  Nature’s singing to me tooDSC03850and the choir looks mighty fineDSC03851.  Why wallow in deathDSC03852?  Let your light so shineDSC03853


  1. April showers bring May flowers. Beautiful photos, Joe, and I love your background, too. :)

    1. Thanks Linda...that background is somewhat like our backyard.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks John, I take that as a real compliment👍