Friday, April 10, 2015

Budding Genius

Easter has gone away for another yearDSC03823…even our egg salad sandwiches are a thing of the past nowDSC03824.  We made eggs and ate a wonderful Asian treat…Siapo DSC03825…so good!  Now the eggs are doneDSC03826 so I went out to see the budding genius of springDSC03827.  It’s been cooler again so things aren’t as green as they might beDSC03828.  Gabby’s been playing outside some againDSC03829.  I love her workDSC03830.  Spring is welcome in our homeDSC03831.  We felt it amazing when we bought this house that the original owner’s kids had the names of our two daughters.  These stones we found outside before getting this houseDSC03832…such a nice day to relive such memoriesDSC03833.  Heading back in I observed this pine cone peeking out at meDSC03834.  Lastly this is another Gabby project…a pretend camp fireDSC03835…clever, maybe spring isn’t the only budding genius.


  1. Nice to see the eggs and Spring photos here, Joe, so lovely!

    1. Spring is a very welcome visitor! Thank you my friend.