Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tiptoe Through the Tulips?

It has been that kind of weather lately honestly.  We has a high ‘n dry front pass through yesterday that I thought would end our warm spell but it was all bark and no bite.  None the less it looked pretty amazing.  I think most of you know that I love to take pictures of storms…this one looked great.  This front looked like the curtains were being drawn across the sky.  If I didn’t know better this thing would have been pretty scary to witness!  For all the bluster the curtains were drawn backand today is another beautiful day.  Who was tiptoeing through the tulips you might ask?  Well, it wasn’t exactly a person nor were the flowers tulips but it was sort of a tiptoe.  Sal was enjoying an outing today in our potted garden.  I have to say I think he was cooperative with the camera today because he figured I was going to feed him (again).  Here’s looking at you kid!  Have a great weekend y’all!


  1. Sal is so homely he is cute!! lol I love the pics of him.

    The weather is nice here today, perfect in fact.

  2. He's got a pretty adorable face, I really like his little personality. I'm so glad you're having good weather my too though I hear tomorrow and the next day will be cooler...then back to the eighties...suits me!

  3. Wish I could send you a few of our frog stranglers, Joe. It poured here and the branch at the bottom of our road is still straining the banks today!

    1. Well, you may have sent it by sheer force of suggestion Chip, it's raining again this brooded this afternoon and it all came to fruition tonight.

  4. I have some of that rain to send as well. We had 4 days and nights of it (again) and it's foggy right now to the point of having most of the lights on. HOWEVER..we are supposed to see the sun later today. Two or three days of that thru the weekend and back on the rain track again. Sigh.