Thursday, March 5, 2015


We’re scratching and clawing our way up from more cool weatherDSC03756.  I see a day in the forecast with 66 degrees…there’s hope in sightDSC03757.  It’s a brown and dismal world without the skyDSC03758and evergreens to liven things upDSC03759.  I long to see just one bud on the skeletal treesDSC03760.  A single green blade of grassDSC03761.  The ditch where I got some reflective shots recently is frozen yet againDSC03762.  It’s time for some leaves, color and warmth againDSC03763.  The prairie sea of grass needs to returnDSC03764.  The pond needs to have water and life in it againDSC03765.  Winter needs to pack up its snow and hit the roadDSC03766.  Soon these things will materialize againDSC03767.  Before long the sun will war us all againDSC03768.