Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Change of Light

That’s what I notice since DLST.  The tones are more spring like nowDSC03769.  Some other signs are out there too…the season is marching onDSC03771.   The browns look more golden just nowDSC03772.  This golden effect is amplified by temperatures hovering near 70 degreesDSC03773.  It encouraged me to walk out further than usualDSC03774.  Soaking up the solitude much like this old tireDSC03775.  The soft breeze and occasional frightened duck is all there was to hearDSC03776.  I expect the ditch will soon be flowing fully again but for now it’s a slow, muddy flowDSC03777.  Standing under this windblown tree I relished the momentDSC03778.  I find the solitude empowering somehowDSC03779.  We’re on the edge of town…we enjoy the benefits of city and country hereDSC03780.  I suppose this are will be developed sooner or later…for now, I’m enjoying just how it isDSC03781.  I’m still drawn to the cat tails…these two clung to each other and seemed to sunbatheDSC03782.  Once the ditch flows full strength the pond will refill but for now…dry as a boneDSC03783.  Sunsets have such an amazing hueDSC03785.  We take advantage of the warmth to clean out Sal’s cageDSC03786.  He goes for a walk in our grass wile we clean his domainDSC03787.  One last glance at the changed light before heading inDSC03788.


  1. Lovely, Joe, thanks so much for sharing.

    1. And thank you so much for visiting!