Thursday, July 8, 2010

Of Wolf and Man

It was surely a delightful 4th of July this year though I admit there were times when I was wondering if it was going to rain us out…it never did!  Mom was struggling with her ankle some but did manage to join us for the firework show which was of course spectacular as always.  I’ve loved fireworks since I was a kid and hope that never changes.  We went home and did yet more of our own fireworks and dare I say it?  We had a blast…ugh, I know but I had to say it!  Lovely gave blood recently and won in a drawing (pun possibly intended) to actually meet one of the “wolves” from the Twilight series…Sam as he’s called in the movie…it actually made it to the newspaper and was quite the event.  As it turns out he’s from Montana…the little town of Poplar as a matter of fact…who would have thought?  Love said he was a very nice got and of course she had her picture taken with him.  I have no doubt that will show up in her blog at some point.

I’ve several pictures to share so let’s get this show on the road!  The evening continue to be spectacular.  I expect this is because of the endless fight for it to try acting like summer her.  We rarely have days where it breaks the seventies and in fact often struggle to leave the sixties.  It’s one of the coolest summers I can remember for us.  You can eat your heart out or not depending on what kind of weather suits your fancy.  This has given us some wonderful skies to enjoy I have to admit .  It can actually look like it can’t be real sometimes.  Sometimes rainbows try to form even though there’s not been much rain

but even without the rainbows the skies take my breath away and leave me with no choice but to take out my camera once again and start clicking away.  I can’t always see anything but the glorious colors in the sky but some are more imaginative and see a lot more but all in all I’m just glad not to be either be dying because of stifling heat or terrible humidity and I can walk right out my back door and see this every day !  This is God’s country! 

We coaxed our little princess to sit down and have her 4th of July picture.  It took some work but it was sure worth it though we had to work at it she did pretty good and she kept her royal dignity about her…or did she

The fireworks were really good…I think my favorites are the ones that have actual shapes like this heart though the smiley faces are wonderful I never could capture them for some reason…go figure.  Still the classics are pretty hard to beat don’t you thinkSo all in all I’d say this summer has hit the mid-point with a bang which leaves me wondering if it’s this good now what could the finale be Whatever it is I can hardly wait

Surprisingly some flowers survived our huge hail and the tornado that swept through on Father’s Day and like I’ve said before the courage and strength of these things inspire me to no end since God can clothe these in such splendor how much more is He able to take care of usdon’t you think?  The cows have returned to pasture and they are quite unconcerned about politics and various global events…maybe we’ve got a lot to learn from them God bless and keep you!


  1. I have never in my life ever seen heart shaped fireworks. Now that was fun. I liked all of the fireworks pictures and I'm glad you posted them.

    That had to have been the highlight of the day for your wife. I would have been thrilled to meet the guy, And have a picture..super! Speaking of picture, Gabby is getting a much more mature face. She looks like a little grown up now. :-)

    Our pastor talked about God's clothing the lilies of the fields last weeks sermon, and what that mean to us as His children in the here and now. As it is each was a spot in sermon good for the needs we came in with,,each of us individually.

    The clouds, the flowers, Gabby and the fireworks are a welcome joy to see here today.

  2. Fireworks are never boring. Lived in Albuquerque for a time and the used to have the pyrotecnic convention at the fairgrounds in the fall. Talk about a show, lots of the displays come from the experimental stuuf at this convention. There were the duds also

    The neighborhood complained so they moved the convention north of town and my front row seat was gone.

    Love the new years produxtion also.

    Meeing a star that's local, some cool stuff. There is some amazing talent that grows up in small town america.

    Have a good rest of July

  3. Hi Joe, that is a clear view of the fireworks! I viewed our thru trees and a windshield.....a very skinny older gentleman staggered thru the parking lot...I watched him more than the fireworks, I was worried he would be hit by cars crossing the street. I watched him sit on a bus bench and looked away at one fireworks and he was gone into the have lost your baby, Gaby is growing up! She sits like a lady! grass is so uncommon in az it always captures my eye longingly! Bye Joe =].

  4. Wow, Joe, what wonderful photos! The skies knock me out, the fireworks made me drift into great memories, the flowers are amazing to come back in such perfection, and ohhhhhh, your little girl, what a beauty! I especially love the first photo (pensive) and the last (throwing the MUAH)-- just great all the way around. You know, you write a terrific blog. The first time I ever dropped over, I read a ways back and was thoroughly taken. Meant to tell you, too, that Lovely is exactly her name. Gorgeous.
    When you talked about your average temps there, I was ready to pack and bag, my 2 cats, and move in, lol. I really look forward to Fall this year, that's for sure.
    Cya soon and thanks for coming by, too! :D

  5. hi joe, enjoyed your blog and all your pictures, loved the heart fireworks. That rainbow almost there, it never really goes does it, it represents god promises, to me, and it may be behind a cloud sometimes but it is always there on the horizon somewhere. You are having much cooler weather than us, we are unusually hot or warm this year. god bless - nita.

  6. No wonder it's called 'Big Sky Country'! Beautiful photos.
    We had a nice 4th except it was so darned cold, at least to me it was. Never got much warmer than 65F and drizzled. That is NOT why I signed up to endure earthquakes!

    Miss your comments on my old space. A few of us are still there.
    Take care,

  7. Hi Joe, Thanks for sharing all the great pics. I love fireworks too, except the ones that my neighbors shoot up on my roof every year. Hope you have a nice weekend!
    Gerry :)

  8. Enjoyed your post and photos as always my friend. I must say your little girl is growing up. She is so precious as your whole family. Oh and the two puns had me going there! You are getting good at puns! I can't wait to see the photo of Lovely and the wolf. Very close to beauty and the beast right? Have a wonderful weekend up there in big sky country!

  9. I do think we could learn a lot from the cows!

  10. its great seeing you again Joe.. haven't been on the internet for some time now.. reason for absence.. still am not back on line.. helping out tonight with my daughter in law.. she just had a baby on the 8th of June.. He is so cute.. what a blessing we all have received. another blessing was to find you here.. seems there are blessings all around.. even if the weather has not been so kind here.. sure took long enough for summer to arrive huh. I get to go to the ocean on the 14th.. having an 80th birthday gathering for my mom.. should prove to be interesting.. as I havn't seen my sisters for about 15 years now.. It really is good to see you Joe.. think about you a lot.. love the firework photos.. the heart one this year was one of the best didn't do much this year though.. and this weekend is the Folk Festable.. so many people.. TO many people.. "smile" take care and hope to visit again soon..
    soft hugs always.. Hope

  11. Wow, everything that was already said!!! This is a great blog and love the pictures. The music is fantastic!
    Glad I found you here...
    Jacque :)

  12. Wow I was impressed with that heart shaped fireworks. I don't know what happened this year but I saw no fireworks. Yes the heat has finally hit us after 2 months of cool and lots of rain. Now the biting bugs are out in full force. Hugs Carrie

  13. Spectacular long exporsure on the fireworks. Wow. I see fireworks out here . The nighbours have them but they are very small. I guess I should try some year and get them. Congrats to Lovely Joe. She has to be trilled.
    Love the photos of little Gabbys . With the two of you taking her photo she is going to be so used to it and posing in no time and I mean that one. She is a natural and a delight to see. Thanks for shaing. Your Montana Skys are stunning. What a view.
    Im back fom a break and nice to see your view .

  14. Loved the fireworks it was good not raining days.
    ALL PHOTOS are beautiful Joe, AND your princes Gabbys is special ones. your flowers photos are pretty too though If you have hot summer maybe not like that? The music which I enjoyed very much thank you for sharing Joe.
    Hope your Mum ankle getting better that I feel sorry for her.
    Big Hugs,

  15. You got some great shots of the the heart too...little bit is sure growing up...what a cutie!!!! I like your blog here...I had started one over here for scrapbooking but don't post much there yet...have a few but life is busy at the moment....I like it that way for now...I have been writing a 3 part blog but God keeps changing my mind as to how to put it out I had a great 4th too! all is good! Take care brother...
    grace to you

  16. Ur lil girl is growing she is a lil lady
    skies as blue skies as dark.
    angels cry when it rains
    the fireworks are lovely...yes.
    seems the summer is doign here in Belgium
    tc my friend

  17. Can't believe how big Gabby gets, she is just adorable. the pictures are awesome, and Lovely is one lucky woman. Is blogspot working better for u? take good, dearest Joe.