Thursday, July 1, 2010


This has been a month that has flown by in fact, I'm still stunned at how fast time flies by.  The summer is about half over at this point.  Perhaps it's been the excitement of the storm on Father's Day that has made our thoughts be focused on that while time was moving ever onward...I have no idea.  Now as Gabby daily begs me to go get some fireworks I realize that half way point is nearly upon us.  This promises to be an unusual year since the kids will have only been back in school for a month before we head off to Ghana for a month and when we get back it will be nearly Thanksgiving.  A month of the Ghanaian heat to face our cold back about shocking contrasts!  We continue to have severe weather pass us by daily.  This leaves us with some spectacular sunsets
Sometimes I feel like this is the eye of God peering at us through the clouds...could it be He's winking at us ?  I've said before that seeing the sun breakt through the couds always brings me hope sometimes.  I particularly love it when there are rays breaking through like it did this evening because it's not just a breakthrough but a forceful breakthough!  These kinds of rays are more amazing to me than any special effects lasers on a Sci-Fi moviebecause it's all natural and without any kind of special specially painted by Godand it's right there for anyone to take notice and appreciate...and I really did appreciate this one!  The problem with the unpredictable weather is that with the heat index up lately Lovely and I like to walk in the evenings to avoid the heat and that's just when unexpected storms can pop up and surprise you.  This has happened to us more than once and can be pretty scary
especially when we've got quite a ways to go to get home!  We've had to run home with the wind rising and the lighting being pretty scary before
!  I often run home just to get my camera to try and capture that elusive lighting photo.  I would say that my success has been limited at best.  I spent some time as this storm passed clicking away always missing it by just a little bit
.  None the less it was spectacular to witness and we were relatively safe since this storm passed nearby and spared us most of the dangerous other counties to the south east of us had to deal with.  Gabby looked at my pictures and said that it was "baby lighting"...I'd have to agreeLOL!  Not all is dark and stormy however.  We have a little nature drama going on.  We have had a pair of Magpies move in and they have claimed this territory as their own
.  They fear neither other birds nor cats and in fact spend much of the day tormenting the local cats.  I actually find their antics pretty funny.  Lovely had her donated some blood ironically before we went to see "Eclipse" which by the way is a pretty good money.  You can sure see that they've got more budget to work with since the first of the "Twilight" series movies.  We have been gathering some friends and hitting the midnight release.  It's insane but it's kind of fun.  I am not a fanatic...I just enjoyed the series and like to see what they are doing with it in the movies.  This one had a lot more action then the rest which was kind of cool too.  I was able to get some last spectacular sunset shots.  There wasa golden light that came with this one that was so spectacular.  There wasn't a direction I could look where something artistic wasn't going onand some how it felt like something wonderful was going to happen
but all I saw was the sunset and the wonderful light this provided.  I wish you all a wonderful 4th of July!  God's blessings to you!


  1. Joe, the pictures, let alone the narrative is terrific. Every one of those pictures. I was going to do most of my commenting on the storm/cloud pics till I saw that Magpie. I loved what you said there. Who knew those rascals were so fearless?

    I guess the boys will go to the marina where the biog fireworks display will be as it is every year here where I live. In Charlotte it would be that much more impressive but this is home.

    I just went back to enjoy those superior storm and cloud pictures. Outstanding, Joe.

  2. Hi Joe, I didn't know you had words to accompany these terrific photos! I like when they come with eyewitness accounts! Time passes by so fast when you live daily in a house....I always forget to plan...maybe we will do something, hope your 4th is fun!

  3. Great pictures Joe! You have outdone yourself with these.

  4. ahh here you are hahaha....
    Gods Blessings!!

  5. Joe, when looking at those pictures it just shows you the awesome power and love of the Lord. It is so humbling. You just know there is a greater power out there. Yes, I think he was winking at us.

  6. I am at awe with your photos and narration. I agree with Gabby, baby lightening lol. The Magpie is great. I guess you and your family will experience weather changes right through till December huh? Have a wonderful enjoyable 4th and enjoy the freedom we have. Now go git some fireworks like Gabby says! LOL!

  7. Hi Joe,
    I had a good look at these photos on other place,
    I enjoy very much and I leaving my comment:-)

    We having a school holiday from last week then started rain day still on it always these things happents,after holiday we 'll have a beautiful fine day LoL!
    hope you have a better weather on 4Th July.

  8. hi joe, I really enjoyed this blog, with its awesome pictures, our lord is indeed a great artist, and your comments and gabby's were delightful, especially the baby lightening, lol, and the thought of god's eye. - happy 4th july and god bless - nita

  9. Joe you sure did cature the moods of the sky . How stunning is each view and each word. God is awsome and can show us that in so many ways. I love the lightning. I think that is a hard thing to get. I havent tried or maybe I did once. Maybe someday but for now I love your view and Blog. Have a beautiful day my friend.

  10. Joe keep showing the mighty hand of Gods work in all he does and says. It fills me . Even in the Storms he never leaves us or sets us aside and as you all perpare to leave the country you in my thoughts .

  11. Whew, what a good, good blog! And the photos! Oh, Joe, you are GOOD. I've enjoyed it so much over here and do you know what? I've never seen a Magpie in person -- this was a treat!

    I came by (lucky for me) because I always seem to follow your comment on someone's blog with my own, lol. And today was no different. At Nita's, you said something about Logan's Run and I made a note to you in case you went back there. Then I realized you wouldn't see that note, so here it is:
    **For Joe if he comes back by: Yes, it was Logan's Run and the age was 30. The "word" was Carousel. Man, I LOVED that movie!

    So, that should jog your memory. If you're anything at all like I am, you'd lose sleep trying to remember some insane little bit of trivia, lol.
    Cya...loved your blogs. Think I'll follow :)

  12. WOW I loved this one.. sorry it took me a long time to get here to see and read it.. Really enjoyed the whole thing. Love the Josh Groban
    song too~ It has been the year for storms here
    too. Take care and enjoy your 4th.. as always..thanks for your support and prayers.. : )

  13. Joe the sky's above you are so full of what I call God's Sky. I love when there is the golden moments or when the rays shine thru the clouds. But what I am really impressed with is the lightening flashes. That is a really tough one to capture. Have a great weekend Hugs Carrie

  14. Great pics! Say, how DO you place them where you want them in Blogger??? I've tried, but can't figure it out. They usually just give you a choice of Left, Right, or Center. What if I want to sprinkle them throughout, like you do?

  15. Happy 4th of July! Are you moving over here now?

  16. Hi Joe, I love the pics too. We're just starting to have summer-like weather here, so I hope it lasts through Sept. I get tired of the clouds and rain sometimes. Have a nice 4th!

  17. Hi Joe, I hope you and your family had a nice 4th!

  18. By the way, the music is pretty!

  19. Hi Joe, I loved veiwing and reading your post. Your photos are exeptional. Love the baby lightning and that is so cute of Gabby to say that.
    I too love when the sun rays comes through the clouds.If and when I see them it is usually coming home from work on the highway. I am in awe when I see such a sight.
    I got a kick out of the magpies. I don't think we have them here.
    It won't be long and you will be ready to go on your Missionary trip. You must be getting pretty excited by now. Well it is late and I had better soon get some shuteye.
    I have decided to join my friends here on blogger but will stay at WLS for now also. There are alot of good people on spaces, and blogger.
    Well you take care Joe.
    Dianne :)

  20. Hi Joe, Thank you for looking at my photos and nice comments...when I have in a bad mood that is
    great helps(messing up in my new home (blog post)
    The music is very nice.
    Enjoy your day with your loved ones,