Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Corvette and a Rainbow or Two

I’ve been kind of in a haze lately.  Not really thinking too much about our approaching trip to Africa if I could help it.  It’s like waking up from a dream to realize that it’s only a few months away now.  I’ve been occupying my thoughts with beautiful skies and dad’s Corvette.  This week is pretty full.  I have to finish buying supplies for our five day trip to a mountain cabin, attend a wedding and teach on Sunday before leaving on our trip this Monday.  I figure I’ll be ready for it once all that gets done! 
The other day I noticed this huge cloud plum rising above the rest and I thought to myself that the rest of the evening might be interesting.  The weather has been all over the board lately so you are never sure what each day will hold.  This cloud looked like a beckoning hand or ears on an immense rabbit…you be the judge .  The truth is there wasn’t much that could pull me away from the clouds until dad pulled up in this !  I didn’t even know he was thinking about such a thing!  I still can’t get used to this sitting on our driveway though mostly it’s covered in the garage now…dad rearranged and we’ve got four cars comfortably in our three car garage now.  I’m not sure but I think I’d be dangerous if I were driving this thing It has a 12 disk changer and a Bose sound system and though the top is hard it comes off so you can ride it without…ah yeah!  You should hear the sound when dad starts it up!  That alone is music to my ears There’s a difference between the kind of car I’m used to and this sweet little machine.  Everything about it speaks quality.  Dad is like a kid in a candy store because back in the day he had a ‘67 Stingray and always wished he had another Corvette…I guess his dream came rollin’ back through and I’m thrilled for him.  I’ve heard of duel exhaust but this has two duel pipes

After all the excitement I got back to the beauty of nature …don’t worry this won’t be a let down!  I began to notice an effect with the clouds having a hole in them…I call it the eye of God effect…it looked like God had a blue eye on this evening We’ve had some brief but furious little storms pass by.  They have heavy rainfall and some gusty winds.  Best of all they came with some of the best rainbows I have ever seen I’ve seen rainbows before but these were particularly spectacular We sat there just glorifying God for how wonderful it was and it just got better and better These bows were not only glorious but extremely long lasting!  Honestly I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful thing ever!  Just when we thought that was done the next day brought another rainbow that was as spectacular with even better skies Notice the heavy sheets of rain and the golden light The light grew more and more amazing as the clouds grew extremely lumpy Have you ever felt like you look at the skies and see the very gates of heaven It was like we were seeing something that couldn’t possibly be of this earth and I know that I know there is a God who’s maker of it all.  Even as the bow was fading I was in awe but drawn to look behind me only to see another spectacular painting that God so artistically was working on Times like these show how surely nature is one of the best evangelists ever How could one not see this glory and say how great is God This is indeed God’s country through it all I was humbled at the glory of God and I thought of the great things He’d done just the day before.  I couldn’t help but think:  “You’re just showing off now.”…somewhere I felt God smiling at that. 


  1. Oh WOWWWWWW, Joe, what shots! And the vid you took is spectacular. I can't get over the golden clouds -- unparalleled beauty there.
    As for the car? My eyes went into a half mast and I drifted off into years gone by. Love it, love it, love it. Up until the last 10 yrs, I always had sports cars and still think it's the only way "to fly" :D

    I have an idea. Make a coffee table book, Joe; it would be soooooo good and you can bet I'd buy it. Think about it.

  2. So much is on your plate but I know you will handle everything with joy and savor every moment. Your photos really took my breath away. I have never seen such beauty in a rainbow like you have shown. I enjoyed your post very much. A beautiful message in there. Now your Father is surely joining the jet set. Quite the machine! Enjoy your stay at the cabin with your family. I look forward to your photos. Hugs my friend.

  3. Holy cow, Joe, you are thanking ME for visiting your blog?? I'm the one that thanks YOU! Your blog always blows me away and I don't just show up, read, and then comment and leave it at that. Nope, I come back and reread and just bask in all your photos many times. Pure, pure pleasure is what it is :D
    But what you said on my blog today was just so darn nice and really, it just made my day :D

  4. Hi Joe, I like this adventure! you sound especially busy! I love those special God moments when it is just about Him and we know it! No one but God can claim weather phenonom.

  5. Hi Joe, I loved the cloud photos and realized that only God could paint such beautiful pictures. EVERY Day!!

    Your dad's Corvette is VERY nice. Hope you get to give it a spin.

  6. What a car! The photos are very good. I love to watch clouds like that.

  7. I know you hasn't got a good weather but you can get a beautiful photos that I loved very much.

    I had driven the Corvette back on years ago..
    I thought was very cool ...I loved that sound of the started LOL!
    Enjoy your day with your loved ones,

  8. Joe...I fell over at the first of the blog..I needed to be pushed back up looking at that fantastic glorious rainbow like NONE I have ever seen! WHAT a glory.
    Then, I love the music you have on. Just my sort. Crazy about it..still listening when I usually mute all the time.

    Then. I see that Corvette. Is this heaven? I absolutely fallin' down LOVE that thing. I would eat, sleep and take sponge baths to stay in there 100% if the time I am CRAZY about it.

    My supervisor has one and the first time I ever heard it start up..I almost passed out in the parking lot. OH wow! What a sound!!! WHOA!!!

    Then, your cloud and sky pictures..superb. You have totally made my night and the music I will say agaon is just my spot of tea.

  9. LOVED that comment you just left..*cough cough*. That was good. So you're familiar with I see. :-)

  10. Hi Joe,
    I guess you need to be patience to take that sort of photos,the other day I have on the chance to take the sunrise ...but it was overcast clouds into coverd the sun...
    I'm glad that you likes the Orchid thank you for comment Joe.
    I loved the Singapore's orchid too.
    Hope you have a bright weather..

  11. Good morning Joe,

    Just traveling a bit before I head out for church. Plum clouds are pretty awesome to view. That is a nice Corvette. I also liked the way you were drawn back to the skies. Great pics. They even show how special the moments.

    Have a superb Sunday…Greg

    PS-Does this blog have a Bose system? Wink!

  12. And in the end of it all God's light shown thru. Love the journey of the clouds and rainbow. Hugs Carrie

  13. Spectacular view Joe. I can just hear God looking at you and saying take a picture of this Joe, and now turn around and take a photo of this Joe. There is no end to what God can do or what He can create.
    That beautiuful car will one day rust and deteriate but the things of God will last for all Eternity. Nice car all the same.
    Have a wonderful time at the cabin and take more beautiful pictures along the way. You capture them so well.
    Thankyou for sharing this Magnificant view.
    To God be the Glory, Great things He has done.
    How can anyone gaze into the sky and see this and not believe in God Almighty?)
    Have a great week.
    Dianne :)

  14. Each and every frame of the sky is amazing. I m always drawn to what God is doing and then doing next. Love each color you captured.
    The Rainbow is brilliant . Each is so unique .
    I have to agree with everyone you are so busy Joe.. I have been too. Way to busy and now I get some down time to catch up on eveyone here.
    Have a great week ahead with your family. Bring back lots of photos. God is Amazing .. over and over he has shown that in many ways.

  15. God is the great painter and you captured it so well. I sometimes hook up my webcam and watch the clouds from my pc. Where it's located my vision of anything is only the walk by my window, Kassey's TV.

  16. Nothing is better than the Bose sound and in a classy Corvette, can't be beat, very nice.

  17. Heyyy, Joe :D Just ran back over to reply to your note on my blog of yesterday. First, thanks for the thumbs up on the chipmunk shots, and 2nd, yeah, I don't like taxes either, but normally it's easy for me. THIS particular grueling work was because it was closing out my mother's taxes due to her passing in Aug '09. I forget sometimes that not everyone on blogspot knows that like they did on wls. It was undoubtably the hardest thing I've ever had to cope with (the death, not the taxes), and then plowing thru drawer after drawer for papers was an incredible experience of it's own. I'd been given a deadline of the end of this month and never thought I'd make it, but I did whewwwwwwww. So now I'll see what's up the accountant's sleeve next in a few days, lol. Anyway, just filling you in.
    Hope you and Lovely and your gorgeous daughter are having a beautiful and blessed day :)

  18. Joe,
    This blog is absolutely beautiful. It's an amazing thing to experience the magesty of God's world. Whatever will heaven be like????
    Thank you for sharing the photos.
    The silver corvette is my favorite even though we have never had one...
    Blessings to you, dear friend!