Friday, March 11, 2016

No Leaf Clover

The approach of spring...St. Patrick's Day...all of it speaks of another year coming of age
I'm not a believer in luck...look for that and there's no guarantees...the light at the end of that tunnel may just be a freight train coming your the song goes:
I may not believe in luck but I do believe in the hand of Providence.  Faith is the key to surviving when all hope seems lost and all doors locked to you
Sometimes even as spring heads our way the trees seem still barren but faith opens our eyes...even so called child-like faith is so important
Faith is more that an empty whim based on positive thought.  It's the absolute assurance that something good is about to happen and something good is in store.  Faith is a spiritual bud
Before we bought our house we found a rock with our youngest daughter's name on it
We didn't buy the house because of it but it was pretty cool none the less.  I like nuggets of encouragement.  Now above this same stone grows this bud filled tree foretelling season's change
Winter's days are numbered
Soon all will be warm and green
and the trees will have leaves again
May our faith take on new life as well.



  1. Hello, Joe! I am not a believer in luck either...but I am a believer in fate. I know that you are looking forward to spring weather - I hope it finds its way to you soon (and you can give me any leftover snow).

    1. Spring is kind of in and out lately. I actually skipped last week's ugly out there just now...windy and extremely dry...yuck!