Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Little Snow Must Fall

I skipped a week in posting which I'm not sure I've ever done.  I don't know that anyone noticed which calls me again to question whether I should keep this up.  Truthfully even FaceBook has more than lost it's luster as far as I'm concerned.  Still I find I'm somehow loath to completely quit.  Is this for me or the few who still visit?  Is this simply dedication for dedication sake?  Perhaps none of the above matters.  For now push on I guess.  

A little spring snow arrived last night
Though it sat down at our table it won't last.  It's planted seeds that won't grow
This snow is just sitting and waiting to melt
Early spring snow decided to have a barbecue
Admittedly the view is kind of nice
but I prefer warmth...sunshine is my pathway to joy often times but snow can sometimes be the stairway to a nice picture
Today the melt of is creating shotgun patterns
It's a tangled web of melting and snow
Well, no need of air conditioning at least
Still, I love the contrast of white and green
Pine...who doesn't love it?
I was getting soaked taking these shots
Everywhere there was half dry/half wet thing going on
Thousands of drops falling all over the place
Slush had quite a balancing act going on
Hand rail or snow rail?
This may be one of our last snows...enjoy it while we can


  1. I still enjoy, then I'm pretty sick right now so kind of grumpy. All the political garbage has made for some ugly moments. Can not believe the amount of hate there is. Sittin in a nasty blizzard helps none either. Shall plod on.