Friday, January 29, 2016


Looking back I see then end of an era in my life.  Like a left over leaf from fall last year I can see it but it dead and gone
This may appear bleak on the surface but with the letting go of the past a new life awaits ahead.  I like to buy necklaces with meaning...this one means live for today
...the past is dead.  Our house is filled with momentos of our past travels.  One spot is all about Japan
It tweaks so many memories
Another place has gift boxes I've received of various sizes
Here hangs a dagger bought in the Philippines
There's  a mask bought in Ghana
A fellow mask bought in the same place
These things echo of past experiences but ahead lies unknown water...uncharted...unexpected.  From there God not afraid, only trust and obey.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks was a bit of an improvisation.

  2. Hi Joe. Wishihng you the best this year and that it will be the best there yet.
    My Prayers

  3. You have visited some wonderful places and brought some amazing memories home :) You are right, the past is dead. We should only take the happy memories with us to make us smile every now and then. The future is always unknown so we need to be grateful of what we have now and cherish it - then we'll be able to conquer whatever the future may hold. And I know that it doesn't always seem like it.
    Wishing you all the energy and strength you need to face whatever is coming your way!
    Have a wonderful week, Joe.

    1. Lately more than ever I've been seeking the scripture. Focus on eternal and universal truth is a life line. Thank you for your encouragement!