Thursday, January 21, 2016

Life Gives Snow...Make a Snow Cone

Child like faith is just plain beautiful.  Small wonder Christ mentions it highly.  My youngest has simple yet powerful faith which transforms what my adult mind is tired of into art.  She made a swirly snow pop with some food coloring and water.  The transformation delighted me
Want to see green again?  Adult mind says you can't, it's winter.  Child-like faith says it's totally possible. 
Adult doubt says winter sun is too bright and doesn't warm anyone much.  Child-like faith sees it for the beauty it is
Adult mind:  when will leaves come back again?  Child-like faith:  It's beautiful now
Adult mind:  the light at the end of the tunnel is likely a freight train coming our way.  Child-like faith:  it's the silver lining we've heard about
Lately some books have really been helping me out
I need to see things with child-like faith...not adult cynicism.  My little girl helps me do just that.  If it's cloudy she creates not just sun but a reflection until a brighter day appears
Amen to that!


  1. Lovely post, Joe, I like all your photos, and the looks like you enjoy reading the type of books I like. :)

    1. Those books have been essential. We all hit that point in life where we either accept what God says or not. I'm blessed to say I accept.

  2. Your positive attitude is admirable!

    1. Believe me when I say I've never needed a positive attitude more in my life. Thank you for visiting.