Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Leaf Clover

There's a song by Metallica called No Leaf Clover.  It's a very cynical song saying that the light at the end of your tunnel is only a freight train coming your way.  I don't think things are really that bad but glib memes when you're struggling can certainly be more annoying than helpful.  Faith to me is more than positive's essential to life.  Peace that God offers all too often passes understanding...we can have circumstances not conducive to peace but His peace surpasses circumstance.  Peace is like a mountain blossom in a sea of green grass
It's a bit of color in an unexpected place
It's plain to some...beautiful to me
God's peace is a precious thing
It's to be cherished
I found peace on the well named Stillwater area
Here silence is truly golden
The only sounds are wind and babbling brooks and wildlife
The mountains silent majesty testify of God
These lonely roads beckon
Will you notice the small treasures?
Or will life's troubles block your view?


  1. the tests of life God sends us, provides a greater strength to endure the next set of tests, and with the yoke of Christ they become easier....... the belief lightens the load.

  2. God's creation is beautiful and never ceases to fascinate me. Lovely photos, Joe.

    1. It truly is my friend. Thank you.

  3. At times we need to put on God's armor.

  4. All the time every time Toodie.

  5. After each storm the air is clearer and there is a new beginning. I pray you and your family with God's help get through the storm and find peace. Wonderful photos..I don't get to see many flowers around my place.. nice shots. Blessings to you and the family.

    1. The wild flowers are a true blessing. Thanks Caroldee.