Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Thorny Proposition in Green Acres

Green valleys appear so peaceful
But I notice the growing things are tough
These things thrive because they can take diverse conditions
It can be very wet or very dry
Roads here often bear scars of passing off road vehicles
Who would consider green acres crucibles of affliction?
Pass here warily
For the first appearance may be deceiving
There's thorns among us
Follow the road though it curve and twist
Not all blossoms are friendly
In fact they can piece the skin when the unwise come in close
Yes other passed this way
But who knows their story?  What lessons can these markers give?
Temporary peace attached to circumstance is fleeting
Cling to the path near still waters for they lead to a deeper peace only God can give.


  1. The thorn and the rose it seems says it all. Peace to you my friend.

    1. Will do Toodie...I hope you're doing better.

  2. It takes my breath away every time we go there.

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful place! I would love going for a hike there. It looks peaceful and I just love being outside so much. We recently discoverd our love for mountains. All the pictures are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing, Joe.

    1. So good to hear from you! The great outdoors surely does have its wonders!

  4. Beautifully written and meaningful to all who read it with their hearts as well as their eyes. Thank you, Bro.

    1. Many times I wish we owned our land in this area still. Glad to share Carole.